Garden tools need proper storage, and hanging garden tools properly is a must since tools come in a variety of sizes and styles from the little tool collection to the large tool collection. There are many, hanging garden tool organizers on the market, some for garden sheds, some for your garage and some actually for the little work area of your basement. When your storage space is small or limited a hanging tool organizer is the just answer especially when garage storage space is also sometimes limited. Organize what type of tools you have, how numerous you own and what kind of space do you have for storage since keeping them off the ground and floor is essential. Listed below are a few of the numerous hanging organizers that are available.

Garden Tool Tree: This organizer takes up only 32inches of wall space, has 48 hanging hooks and has a weight limit of 75 pounds. It has a powder coated frame and can be hung inside or outside.

Pro-Star PGR1 Garden Tool Rack: This small rack will hold hoes, rakes, shovels, brooms and only about any other long handled tool there is. It has a removable basket to very easily transport little hand tools.

Achla Garden Tool Wall Bracket: This rack arches outward giving extra space for hanging small or larger tools, it anchors to the wall or another flat surface.

Top Mount Track and Tool Rack; extremely heavy duty and versatile, this hanging tool organizer also has attachable accessories. It has mounting holes every 4 inches and features a row of various sized holes along the top and bottom which allows for easy storage of small tools. It comes in lengths of 2, 4, or 6 feet lengths.

Arrowshed Tool Hanging Rack TH100: Mounts easily on any wall and features 5 separate big tool holders and a similar smaller tool holder.

Wall Mounting Tool Rack: Neat, fast and secure organization with this nickel plated 24 inch magnetic tool rack. Tools can easily be removed with one hand and the mounted holder keeps tools well organized and displayed, making them easy to find.

Organizer Ultra-Hold: Great for properly storing tools in your garage, the heavier the object, the stronger the hold. It has adjustable sliding clamps to accommodate the different shapes and sizes of tools, comes in a 4 or 8 hook model.

Heavy Duty Utility Rack: garage storage and organization made easy, this rack is made of heavy duty steel and can hold up to 250 pounds, has 5 hooks and easily installs on any wooden studded wall.

Wall Mounted Hand tool Organizer: Easily stores 60 hand tools (garden or work tools) on one rack. This organizer mounts easily on a wall and frees up extra space in larger tool racks for larger tools.

Shelving Tool Rack: This rack comes complete with enough storage space for all your hand gardening tools.

Mesh Hanging Garden Tool Organizer: A coated poly mesh fabric has 8 heavy pockets for lengthy handled tools and 8 smaller pockets for short handled tools, 4 quick release straps and buckles.

For more ideas for garden tool organizers visit: Stacks and Stacks, backyard Gardens or Life with Ease.

The author has written more about pot hanging rack and hanging rack on his site, check them out: and pot hanging rack .

Image from page 53 of “1939 garden manual : featuring 1939 all-America selections flowers and vegetables” (1939)
Title: 1939 garden manual : featuring 1939 all-America selections flowers and vegetables
Identifier: 1939gardenmanual19jste
Year: 1939 (1930s)
Authors: J. Steckler Seed Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seed industry and trade Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Fruit Seeds Catalogs; Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs
Publisher: New Orleans, La. : Steckler
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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CATNIP Catnip is recommended for sick kittens and cats. The loose leaves and tops are boiled, 1 teaspoonful to one cup of water, 25c per package, postpaid. Rhesus Monkeys at $30 each. Marmoset Monkeys at $20 each. Young Parrots, Double Yellow Head, $15 each. Double Yellow Head Parrots, talking birds, from $35 to $50 each, according to quality. Live Baby Alligators. $1.50 each, postpaid. Live Baby Turtles, 25c each; 30c, postpaid. Flying Squirrels during the winter months only, $1.00 each, not prepaid. We handle Black, White Swans, Peacocks, Ostriches, etc. Write for prices. WHITE MICE AND WHITE RATS Used by laboratories for special serums. White Rats, $1.00 per pair; White Mice at $1.00 per pair. GUINEA PIGS These pigs are not hogs, but pet animals similar in shape to the hog. It is not an edible hog, but a pet pig. $3.00 per pair, not prepaid. BELGIAN HARES 6 mo. old female, $5 each; 6 mo. old male, $4.00 each. COMMON RABBITS Young, male or female, each, not prepaid, $1.00. Full grown, male or female, each, not prepaid, $1.50. Rabbit Feeders, 75c each, postpaid. Males Females Trained Rabbit Hounds $30 $25 Trained Fox Hounds 30 25 3 months old pedigreed Airedale pups „ 40 36 3 months old pedigreed Collie pups 35 30 3 months old ped. German Police pups 40 30 3 months old ped. Boston Bull pups 50 40 3 months old Pit Bull Terrier pups 40 30 3 months old not ped. Fox Terrier pups 15 10 3 months old Spitz or Esquimaux pups, not pedigreed 15 12 3 months old French White Curly Poodle pups, not pedigreed

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GOLDFISH Fish Can Only Be Sent By Express, According to Size, Not Prepaid Straight Tail, per pair „ $0.35 to $0.75 Japanese Fantail, per pair _ 2.00 to 3.50 Fish Wafer Food, per pkg., postpaid 15c Pearl chips, assorted colors, 20c lb. or 30c, postpaid. Very attractive. AQUARIUMS Not Prepaid 1 quart Aquarium Globes, each $0.15 »/mt»»t« *.**«** -,,,,,„ 2 quart Aquarium Globes, each 35 AQUATIC or POND LILIES 1 gallon Aquarium Globes, each ~ _ .60 Yellow, each $1.10 2 gallon Aquarium Globes, each „ 1.26 Red, each 1.25 3 gallon Aquarium Globes, each $2.25 Pink, each 1.25 Packing 1 gallon to 3 gallon globes 25c per globe extra. All Postpaid THE BETTCHER Christmas Tree Holder—Pressed Steel, unbreakable, lighter in weight than cast iron, substantially made, rigid and dependable, will hold tree 1 to 3 inches in diameter, green enameled, cup can be filled with water or moist sand. Price, $1.25 each, not prepaid. Christmas trees from 2 to 25 feet. Old-fashioned Hemlock Spruce trees, ready from December 10th on. We are in position to supply you with Cut Flowers for all occasions as well as Designs of all kinds. Write for prices. We have books on Vegetable and Flower Gardening, Evergreen, Shrubbery, Live Stock, and in fact on any subject pertaining to Agriculture or Horticulture. Write for our prices. INDEX Page Alfalfa 20 Alsike 20 Annuals 33, 35 Apples 38 Apricots 38 Artichokes 3 Asparagus 3 Baby Chicks 46 Bamboo 42 Barley 23 Beans, Castor 23 Beans, Garden 3. 4, 5 Beans, Velvet and Soy 19 Beets, Garden 5 Beets. Sugar and Stock…. 6 Broccoli 6 Brussels Sprouts 5 Buckwheat, Japanese 19 Cabbage 6,7 Cactus 33 Cane 22 Cannas 29 Carrots 7 Cauliflower 7 Celery 8 Cherry 38 Chervil 7 Chives or Schnittlauch 7 Chrysanthemum 34 Chufas or Earth Almonds. . . 19 Climbers 33 Clover 20 Collards 7 Corn, Field 9 Page …. 9 …. 8 Corn, Sugar Corn, Sweet 8 8 ….19 10 Crotalaria Spectabilis 23 …. 9 . . ..29 Deciduous Shrub Seed. 35 ….29 Egg Plant …. 10 Endive Evergreens Evergreen Tree Seeds. Fennel … .10 37 35 . . in … .33 ….35 ….42 . . .22 Figs … .38 Florists’ Supplies …. Flowering Bulbs Flowering Plants . . . 42 .30, 31 32 . .24-28 Garlic (Sets) Gladioli …. 10 31 .38 39 .20. in Hardy Shade Trees…. Hedge Plants 38 32 …. 11 Horse-radish (Roots) . 11 . . . .41 Kaffir Corn 22 Page Kale or Borecole 11 Kohl-Rabi 11 Lawn Sprinklers 44 Leek 11 Lettuce 11 Magnolia 37 Millet 22 Miln Maze 22 Mulberry 39 Muskmelon or Cantaloupe…12 Mustard 13 Oak 37 Oats 21 Okra 13 Onions 13 Onion Sets 13 Oranges 38 Ornamental Shrubs 32 Palms 37 Palm Seeds 35 Parsley 14 Parsnips 14 Peaches 39 Peanuts 23 Pears . 39 Peas. Cow or Field 2U Peas. Garden 14 Pecan Trees 40 Peppers 15 Persimmons 39 Pets and Their Needs. . .47, 48 Plants …34, 35 Plant Foods 42 Plums 39 Pomegranate 39 Potatoes, Irish 15 Potatoes, Sweet 15 Paee Poultry Supplies 45-47 Pumpkins 15 Quince 39 Radishes 16 Raffia 42 Rape 21 Rhubarb or Pie Plant Roots. 16 Rice, Seed 21 Roquette or Rocket Salad . .16 Roses 2, 36 Rye 22 Sagrain 22 Salsify or Oyster Plant 16 Shallots, White 18 Sorghum 22 Sorrel 16 Spinach 17 Sprays 2. 41 Squash … . . . 17 Strawberry Plants 40 Strawberry Shooks y 23 Sunflower 22 Sweet Peas 27 Tobacco 16 Tomatoes 17, 18 Tools 43, 44 Turnips 18 Vegetable Pear 18 Vegetable Plants ( Home Grown) 18 Vetch. Hairy. Winter or Sand 23 Vines 33 Vine Seeds 28 Watermelons 12 Wheat 23 Zinnias 28 Please Order Early—Mail Your Order in January or February Wallace-Homestead Company, Horticultural Printers, Des Moines, Iowa

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Garden Tools Rack – How To Build An OldSchool Organizer

Easy shop project for home or school : build a garden tools shelf to organize your tool shed, garage or basement.

Transcript provided for the hearing impaired:
Alright so today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how I made this handy garden tool organizer out of a couple of boards and a handful of screws.
So I decided enough was enough and that I wasn’t going to store my garden tools in a garbage pail anymore. I still had a couple of salvage boards left and I cut some triangle braces out of scraps. Then I measured and marked to fit the gussets.
Use your speed square to draw parallel lines quickly. Next I found the points on that line to drill my holes.
You know, I chose to use the hole saw and table saw for this project because they make clean and uniform cuts.
You can do all the cutting for this project with a hand saw and a coping saw or with a jigsaw.
Normally I would use a more sophisticated joint like a dado or a mitre joint but for this I thought a simple butt joint clamped with glue and screws was exactly what we needed.
Clean up carpenter’s glue before it cures with a clean damp cloth.
Then I glued in all the gussets and drew them together using the woodscrews.
Always drill out holes before you drive in screws, otherwise you end up with pieces that won’t mate together, split wood and broken screws.
You see I put most of the evidence it’s salvaged wood here on the back where no one will ever see it.
Alright, thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!