Growing Herbs : How to Grow Chamomile

When growing chamomile in warmer climates, the herb will bloom almost the entire year, and it can be started by the roots or by seeds. Grow chamomile and use the seeds for tea with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on gardening and growing herbs.

Expert: Yolanda Vanveen
Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash.
Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

Image from page 92 of “Armstrong Nurseries” (1949)
Title: Armstrong Nurseries
Identifier: armstrongnurseri1949arms
Year: 1949 (1940s)
Authors: Armstrong Nurseries (Ontario, Calif. ); Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) California Catalogs; Nursery stock California Catalogs; Fruit trees California Catalogs; Ornamental trees California Catalogs; Shrubs California Catalogs; Flowers California Catalogs; Plants, Ornamental California Catalogs
Publisher: Ontario, Calif. : Armstrong Nurseries
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Gooseberry Oregt jon Champion Large, round, transparent, pale green fruit of excellent quality. Gooseberries are a delight where they can be successfully grown but they do not bear well in the lowlands of Southern California. 2455-50c each, $4.50 per 10. Currant Perfection A fine quality bright red currant, with a rich yet mild sub-acid flavor. The plants bear heavy crops wherever conditions are suitable, but they do not bear well in the valleys and coastal regions of Southern California. 2450-50c each, $4.50 per 10. Boysenberry This is the largest of all berries, averaging y2 to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. The berries are jet-black, highly flavored, and they pick, keep, and ship in a way which brings delight to the heart of a berry grower. Housewives know that they make the very finest pies, jams and preserves. The big, vigorous vines start ripening early—just when berries are most in demand. Boysenberry has proved itself remarkably hardy and adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions. We think it one of the finest berries that could be grown in California or elsewhere. For home gardens, plant 6 feet by 6 feet. Ar- range for irrigation and trellis the second 2440—Transplants, 35c each, $3.00 per 10, $20.00 per 100. 2435-Rooted Tips, 20c each, $1.75 per 10, $12.50 per 100. 1 m Armstrong Strawberries Gigantic Boysenberry Quantity Rates: 50 strawberries sold at the 100 rate; 500 at the 1000 rate. Please send no orders for less than 25 of a kind of Strawberry other than Rockhill. Streamliner How would you like to have huge, luscious, bright red straw- berries, brim full of Vitamin C, fresh from your garden almost every day from late spring until late fall? This sensational new everbearing strawberry will provide them and you won’t have a long wait because the plants will usually fruit the first season. The berries are deliciously flavored, uniform in size and color, and sugar-sweet. 2520-25 for $2.50, 100 for $9.50, 1000 for $70.00. Gem Everbearing Another excellent everbearing variety with big, fine looking ber- ries of excellent quality. Gem bears month after month and will give vou berries in abundance until late fall. ‘ 2510-25 for $1.50, 100 for $4.00, 1000 for $32.50. Carolina (Missionary) Excellent for the hot interior sections, particularly those with sandy poor soil. Plants produce heavily, the big red heartily flavored berries are excellent for the home or market. 2500-25 for $1.00, 100 for $3.00, 1000 for $20.00. Rockhill No. 24 Unquestionably this is the best of the everbearing types and when you have tasted one of these huge, bright red, honey-sweet berries, you will agree that it is just about the best strawberry you have ever eaten. Rockhill is ideal for the home gar- den because: 1. It starts bearing early and you can continue to pick fruit until late fall. Not just ordinary fruit but astonishingly large, beautiful, bright red berries with a superb flavor. 2. With Rockhill No. 24 you will almost never find a runner and if you have grown strawberries you know that with ordinary varieties the bed is a mass of runners after the second or third season and pro- duction is lessened. The lack of runners makes the plants more ex- pensive, but they are worth it. The best strawberry for growing in jars or barrels. 2515-10 for $2.00, 25 for $4.75, 100 for $15.00. Blake more The Reddest Strawberry Not only is this an excellent berry because of its earliness, quality, and productivity, but the beautiful bright red color does not change after the berries are picked or after they are made into jam. The large, firm, full-flavored berries keep and ship ex- tremely well. 2495-25 for $1.00, 100 for $3.00, 1000 for $20.00. Dorsett A splendid commercial or home variety with big, attractive, richly flavored berries. Produces two big crops each season, one in the spring and another in (he early summer. 1 2505-25 for $1.00, 100 for $3.00, 1000 for $20.00. All orders consisting entirely of bare root material (this includes all berries) are shipped anywhere In the States at our expense. Lusciously Flavored Berries of Rockhill 24 – .v JK ‘ JK Jb jjp 0 ‘

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