Growing Food and Teaching How to Garden in the Las Vegas Desert

John from goes on a field trip to Cowboy Trail Farm to learn about this new resource in the Las Vegas area for Gardeners and people who want to eat healthier. In this epsiode you will learn about how you can sucessfully grow in a hoop house in the desert, about sunken beds, aquaponics, and even how to grow a papaya tree in Las Vegas.

Marathon II
My runner beans have now so run so far that i cannot photograph the whole lot using my 25 mm lens, no matter where in the garden i stand. This was taken with the wide end of the 12-50 mm, and even then i had to cram myself into a corner.

If you zoom in and look at the wood of the frame, you can see just how poor the sharpness of this lens is.
By Tom Anderson on 2013-08-09 09:27:23