Grow Aloe vera from a single leaf || How to grow big Aloe Vera from a single aloe vera leaf

grow big Aloe vera from a single aloe vera leaf

update of single aloevera plant from leaf

second part :-

Cassowary Plum (Cerbera floribunda) – fruit and leaves
Cerbera floribunda – Australian native tree. It is tall rainforest tree (grows to 25m).
Apocynaceae family (oleander family)

These large, blue fruits contain a sap which is poisonous to humans and most animals, except the endangered Southern Cassowary. For humans even smoke from the burning Cerbera wood could be poison.

The Cassowary’s stomach is filled with a rare combination of digestive enzymes, which make it immune to the toxic alkaloids of the Cassowary Plum fruits. This is lucky for the tree, as the Cassowary is the only bird large enough to eat the fruits intact (not sure how the bird swallows such a large seed…), which assists with seed dispersal and germination for the Cassowary Plum.
Unfortunately there are not many Cassowary left…

See the previous photo – flowering.

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