//Get Started With Container Herb Gardening

Get Started With Container Herb Gardening

Herb gardening is one of the most productive and beneficial types of gardening that one can choose to be involved in. Most gardens are used as a means to grow food, while others are used to grow flowers and are admired simply for their beauty. The great thing about herb gardening is that it combines a mix of the two, while also bringing some completely different elements to the table. Herb gardens can be as pretty as a flower garden, can be used to enhance the many different types of foods you enjoy, and can even offer different healing abilities. With all of those things in mind, it’s hard to find a good reason not to have an herb garden!

The list of herbs that you can grow and their various uses is a very expansive one, and the only thing holding you back from getting started is deciding what types of herbs you would like to grow. Culinary herbs are those that you can use to add flavor to your cooking and add flair to an otherwise ordinary dish. Some of the types of culinary herbs you may choose to grow are basil, mint, sage, oregano, and parsley.

A few of these culinary herbs, such as rosemary and garlic, can also offer medicinal benefits. Then there are those types of herbs that are simply there for decoration, called ornamental herbs. They may not have many uses, but they can be just as beautiful to look at as your favorite flower. Even if you are simply growing a vegetable garden, it can pay off big time to plant some of these herbs alongside your veggies because they can ward off many different types of insects.

If you can grow your herb garden in the soil in your yard, that is outstanding. However, if the soil does not permit to you to grow the types of herbs you would like to grow then perhaps you could look into a raised bed with soil that you can go out and purchase. With just a small amount of work building a bed, you can have the freedom to grow what you want to grow and have a garden that is easy to tend to. You could also just grow some of these herbs in a small indoor garden using this type of method. Sure, standard flower and vegetable gardens are great by their own standards, but they simply do not offer the benefits that herb gardening does.

Visit our site to learn more about herb gardening and tips on starting a container herb garden as it is much easier than you think and the rewards are enormous.

Succulent container garden
A succulent garden created in a strawberry jar from Valley View Farms in Hunt Valley. Baltimore Sun photo by Susan Reimer MANDATORY CREDIT: Baltimore Examiner and Washington Examiner OUT
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Harvest tomatoes on a patio, produce a pumpkin in a planter, and grow broccoli on a balcony! Best-selling author Ed Smith shows you everything you need to know to successfully create and care for an edible container garden, from choosing the right plants and selecting appropriate containers through controlling pests without chemicals and harvesting fresh vegetables. You’ll discover that container gardening is an easy and fun way to enjoy summer’s bounty in even the smallest of growing spaces. 

    Container Gardening

    How to set up an easy container garden re-using old items from around the house such as an old ice chest or storage totes and other things most people already have around the house. This is my first video I’ve uploaded. Thanks please like and subscribe and I will make more videos on the topic of gardening, and related topics, and even some un-related topics maybe.

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    1. Lisa Olegon 2017-12-23 at 2:25 PM - Reply

      Always squeeze the roots of the plants when you take it out of a container. The roots get all bound up in containers, and by squeezing them and loosening the dirt, the roots will want to grow more.

    2. PudgeMan 2017-12-23 at 2:26 PM - Reply

      great vid! been looking for a good way to start growing vegetables and herbs, with a lack of yard space. I subbed! keep em coming bro!

    3. Gordon Pilcher 2017-12-23 at 2:43 PM - Reply

      Have you ever thought of mixing soil in a concrete mixer

    4. bclaudio3 2017-12-23 at 2:51 PM - Reply

      Seems to me you could plant more than 1 tomato plant in those big containers. They are larger than earthboxes that plant 2. good growing!

    5. Dsanford12 2017-12-23 at 2:59 PM - Reply

      did you put anything in bottom prior to the soil ?

    6. Michael Davis 2017-12-23 at 3:01 PM - Reply

      don’t use chicken manure unless it’s aged well, it’s too hot and burns your plants. vermiculite is like a sponge that holds water better.

    7. thescoop07 2017-12-23 at 3:03 PM - Reply

      You could do 2 plants!

    8. Sarah Batson 2017-12-23 at 3:05 PM - Reply

      Well done!!! 🙂

    9. Saintly2 2017-12-23 at 3:09 PM - Reply

      Best to move them to their final resting place before weighing them down with all that water. 😜

    10. Marion Reid 2017-12-23 at 3:11 PM - Reply

      Your jalapenos may cross-pollinate with your bell peppers that close together… don’t be too surprised if you get some spicy bell peppers!

    11. Shante Porter 2017-12-23 at 3:13 PM - Reply

      what about BPA in the plastic? Does anybody know anything about this subject?

    12. Twisted Visions 2017-12-23 at 3:17 PM - Reply

      Absolute worst video on container gardening i have seen yet. Showed people how to waste 100 dollars in materials to plant 4 plants. Then you water from the top beating the plants into the soil, look at that poor pepper and tomato at 4.00 minutes , you should have trimmed your tomato and planted it much deeper than you did as well. if your going to show people how to do something you should maybe know how to do it yourself. Gardening is not just about throwing seeds into a pot and adding water.There is so many things wrong with this video but ill stop at what i said already.

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