Gardening: Top 10 Garden Mistakes

As we are gearing up for the growing season and making our plans for a successful and productive garden, there are several common mistakes that all gardeners want to avoid.

In this video, josh shares with you the Top 10 gardening mistakes that people make and how to avoid them!

Visiting the Monticello Vegetable Gardens
Last Monday (August 2) Mr Chiots and I finally found our way to Monticello after wanting to go for years. We were wondering how we’d like it, after going to Longwood Gardens several times, most other gardens pale in comparison. The main part of Monticello I’ve really been wanting to see is the vegetable garden. It’s quite impressive in photos and I must say, it’s equally impressive in person, I was not disappointed.

for slideshow with more photos:
By Chiot’s Run on 2010-08-02 09:19:06