A garden cannot be created without the proper kind of gardening tools. However, it just would not do for you to run to the nearest store and buy up everything in sight!

Here are some general suggestions regarding gardening tools that might prove to be useful:

(1) Since the best time to work on your garden is the summer season, it is also the correct time to check out all the gardening tools available. This does not mean that the garden is to be neglected in other seasons, but maximum work is carried out during the summer.

(2) Gardening tools encompass everything from small tools that can be held in the hand to larger items. Depending on the size of your garden-to-be, choose your tools from those displayed at a home improvement store or a large department store.

(3) Tools occupy a large amount of space. Buy only what is required to fix the area you are going to be working on. Also, ensure that the tools are maintained in a good condition.

(4) Instead of just visiting a store and looking over all the items on display there, prepare a list of immediate necessities beforehand. This also gives you a rough idea of how much you need to spend on those items.

(5) For instance, you might wish to have a tiller to help bring the undersoil to the surface and make the dirt much softer for planting. This process helps you understand approximately how many plants can fit into your garden area. Now plan your budget to fit in other items as well.

(6) Of course, as a beginner, you may require more gardening tools than others who are more experienced since you are still experimenting with the type of garden you want to create.

(7) Planning a vegetable garden? Where are you going to place each vegetable that you intend to grow? The advantage here is that you need lesser gardening tools than what is required for a flower garden. Again, if the vegetable plot is to remain for quite a few years, the gardening plan has to be changed around every year to ensure perennial growth of your plants.

(8) Flowering plants need to be planted only once. These plants die during the winter but grow back during the spring and summer months. The number of tools required for this is more.

(9) Each plant you plan to grow in your garden has to be assessed by itself. Is it easy to grow, or does it require a great amount of effort? Only after you finish with this analysis, will you be able to decide what plants you wish to have in your garden.

(10) Lastly, you need to keep your garden free of weeds. They keep growing back quickly and so have to be pulled out by their roots. A good pair of gloves (gardening tools) is needed for this purpose.

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Image from page 57 of “Bolgiano’s capitol city seeds : 1931” (1931)
Title: Bolgiano’s capitol city seeds : 1931
Identifier: bolgianoscapitol19fwbo_6
Year: 1931 (1930s)
Authors: F. W. Bolgiano & Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs; Garden tools Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Flowers Catalogs; Poultry Equipment and supplies Catalogs
Publisher: Washington, D. C. : F. W. Bolgiano
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
54 F. W. BOLGIANO & CO., INC.. Washington, D. C. BOLGIANO’S DAHLIAS PRICES POSTPAID PRICES POSTPAID The Dahlia is one of the easiest flowers to grow and will thrive most anywhere, but it will respond wonderfully to care. The roots need a friable or loose soil to give their best results. The bed can be prepared as early in the spring as practical and some well-rotted manure worlied into it and left until planting time, about May 1st. The roots should be planted at least five inches deep, then a top dress- ing of sheep manure may be applied at the rate of 50 lbs. to 200 sq. ft. Dahlias are great feeders and also need plenty of water during the grow- ing season. – When the plants are 18 in. high, tie them to stakes for support, using soft tape or rafKa, as ordinary string will cut. When the buds api>ear, each main bud will have from two to four side buds which should be pinched off, as they are usually inferior and take strength from the main flower. In making up this list of dahlias we selected those which we have found to be the best among the good varieties within reach of the av- erage gardener’s pocketbook. Size, form, color, keeping qualities and the length and strength of the stems have all been factors in the selection. The Cactus Flowered Varieties These have petals which are typically quilled. This makes them highly artistic in appearance because of their unconventional forms.

Text Appearing After Image:
King Midas (Decorative) Recent Introductions of Exceptional Merit One Each Seven Listed, or $10.00, Postpaid KING MIDAS (DECORATIVE). Conceded to be the largest, finest and most beautiful clear golden yellow dahlia in existence. In the Honor Roll of 1928 and again in 1929 and acknowledged one of the "Six Immor- tals." Has never been beaten in competition. Roots, $5.00 each; 3 for $12.00. These roots have never before been offered for less than $10 each. ANDREAS HOFFER. A lovely narrow petaled Cactus of ideal form and soft tender coloring. A most delicate shade of pink with salmon suf- fusion passing to a creamy-white center. Its stiff, wiry, long stems and free habit of bloom make it invaluable for cut flowers as well as for garden decoration. 75 cts. each; 3 for $2.00. MARGARET MASSON (DECORATIVE). A wonderful exhibition va- riety, with very large full flowers on rigid stems. Color, a pleasing shade of silvery lavender pink. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. MARGARET WOODROW WILSON (DECORATIVE). Immense size and fine form on stiff stems. Color, creamy white, suffused pink, reflex darker. Splendid exhibition flower. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. QUEEN OF THE GARDEN BEAUTIFUL (DECORATIVE). Height, 5 ft. Color, primrose yellow. A massive bloom that has become most popular. $1.50 each; 3 for $4.25. RADIO. This phenomenal Decorative Dahlia from Massachusetts is probably the largest Dahlia grown. It produces flowers eight to 12 inches in diameter, is a most attractive combination of deep crimson red, blend- ing to yellow at the center with tips of gold. One we can recommend to the most critical Dahlia enthusiast. $2.00 each; 3 for $5.50. ROMAN EAGLE (DECORATIVE). A typical autumn shade, a bril- liant, flaming, burnished-copper color. Flowers large, held well above Ihe foliage on long stiff stems, a very ijrofuse bloomer. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. The Decorative Flowered Varieties In these, the flowers are full to the center. They are thick but not ball-shaped. The tips may be straight or turned down, and in some varieties the margins are slightly rolled back. CUT FLOWER COLLECTION One Each of Nine Listed for $4.50, Postpaid AMUN RA, "The Sun God." This exceptional California Decorative is one of the finest Dahlias we have seen, possessing long, stiff stems and Ijroducing flowers on the favorite autumn shades that are so much in vogue. A blend of copper and bronze with orange and gold tints. 50 cts. each; 3 for $1.40. JEAN CHAZOT. A hybrid cactus of golden bronze with nasturtium red suffusion. Vigorous grower and profuse bloomer. 35 cts. each; 3 for 90 cts. JEAN KERR (DECORATIVE). A very profuse bloomer of pure white, borne on stiff stems. 35 cts. each; 3 for 90 cts. JERSEY’S BEAUTY (DECORATIVE). The large, full pink blooms, petals curving backward so that the outer ones seem almost to touch behind, and the proud erect carriage of the flower on long, stiff stems mark this dahlia as an aristocrat among its kind. 75 cts. each; 3 for $2.00. MRS. CARL SALBACH. The beautiful lavender pink Decorative Dahlia from California. This sensational Dahlia has a remarkably long stem, making it excellent for cut flower purposes. 50 cts. each; 3 for $1.40. MRS. I. de ver WARNER. (DECORATIVE). A very large flower of mauve pink. The form is really beautiful and the stems are long and stiff. It had great prominence at all the dahlia shows last fall and always conunanded admiration. 50 cts. each; 3 for $1.25. MRS. C. D. ANDERSON. Greatly admired hybrid show. Gigantic crimson purple. Excellent cut flower variety, of perfect formation. Long stiff stems and a splendid keeper when cut. Like a giant "American Beauty." ^0 cts. each; 3 for $1.25. SAGAMORE (DECORATIVE). Height, 5 feet. Amber gold, slightly surt’used salmon rose and orange buff. Large and fine. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. VENUS (DECORATIVE). Color, pale lilac; flowers of good form from 6 to 7 inches across, and produced freely on long stiff stems. 30 cts. i each; 3 for 75 cts.

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List of Common Gardening Tools | Gardening Tools and Their Functions (Urdu/hindi)

List of Common Gardening Tools | Gardening Tools and Their Functions (Urdu/hindi)
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