If you plan to spend some quality time in your yard this season, then you need some essential gardening tools to make your space picture perfect! You may have to cut grass, trim trees and shrubs, get the garden ready, or plant flowers. No matter what you need to do, some good gardening tools can go a long way. Let’s take a closer look at the tools that will make your gardening experience simpler and as easy as possible.

There are certain tools you will need to accomplish all your tasks. You will need some good digging tools. Spades are great for turning soil and a flat head shovel will assist in picking up disposable items. A garden fork is ideal for cleaning out the beds and loosening soil. Rakes are also necessary for your work. Metal rakes will help in leveling soil and removing unwanted materials. Metal is durable since it will not bend. Plastic fan style rakes will do the job for leaf cleanup. They are lighter to handle for that exhausting job.

Investing in a good garden hose is always a wise idea. This will last longer than cheaper ones. The length of the hose will depend on the size of your yard. Also, get a reel to store it on when not in use, so you can avoid getting kinks in it. A garden wand is great for watering seedlings or new plants as well as hanging baskets. They will reach difficult places and supply a gentle stream of water that will be softer for the delicate younger plants. Choose a wand with a brass shut off, plastic ones will break or crack easily.

Pruning shears are an important gardening tool. These are great for trimming back bushes and shrubs. Since pruning is an important detail for making your shrubs bushy, you won’t want to leave this off your list. Shears for hedge trimming will keep your bushes cut evenly and display a neat, controlled appearance.

A wheelbarrow or cart is a handy item, especially if you are going to be transporting dirt or cement. You can use them to carry around the yard all your vegetable and flower plants or your garden tools. This will save you a lot of unnecessary trips back and forth to carry all your items. Spreaders are useful in applying fertilizer to your lawn, since it provides an even distribution to all areas. It makes lawn fertilization a snap. And don’t forget a broom for clean ups.

You will also need topsoil, fertilizer, lawn seed, plant food, seeds and potting mix. You may also want to invest in pesticides if you have a problem with bugs.

Gardening is a hobby shared by many. Working out in the yard allows you to appreciate the warmer months. You will get a good work out and enjoy the fresh air. All you need are a few essential tools and your job will be easy. Once all your hard work is done, your yard will be the envy of all. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings.

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Image from page 49 of “Beckert’s garden field & flower seeds” (1896)
Title: Beckert’s garden field & flower seeds
Identifier: beckertsgardenfi1896wmcb
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Wm. C. Beckert (Firm); Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Commercial catalogs Seeds; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Catalogs; Fruit Seeds Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Garden tools Catalogs
Publisher: Allegheny, Pa. : Wm. C. Beckert
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Chrysanthemum carinatum. CENTAUREA. Centanrea Cyanns, THE CROZY CANNAS. (New Dwarf Large-Flowering Frenct.) For tropical foliage, large, brilliant flowers, constant bloom, neat, compact habit and rich effects in bedding, the Dwarf French Cannas have now few rivals in popular estimation. As pot-plants for verandas or winter flowering, they are also great favorites. The seed should be soaked in hot water eight or ten hours before planting, and started early in hotbeds or in the house. Fine Mixture of Crozy’s New Hybrids. Choice seed, from dwarf, early-flowering plants, remarkable for fine flowers and foli- age. 10 cts. per pkt. For Canna Tubers, see list of Bulbs for Spring Planting. COSMOS As beautiful in its way as either aster or chrysanthemum, the Cosmos excels them both for cutting, its long, slender stems, airy, graceful flowers and feathery foliage givmg it an artistic, elegant air, with which all flowers are not favored. The plants are tall and strong-growing, from 4 to 6 feet high, and a perfect fountain of bloom from September until long after early frosts. Mammoth Perfection, Erlinda. Flowers very large, 3}^ to 4V2 inchesacross, snow- white ; plant very stately in habit, with beautiful feathery foliage, to cts. per pkt. Resita. Similar to the preceding, but of a lovely pink color. 10 cts. per pkt. Conchita. A beauty, with deep red flowers like crimson velvet, measuring 2 inches across. The plants do not grow nearly so tall as other varieties. When fully opened the flowers turn a lighter shade of red. 10 cts. per pkt. C. hybridus. White Pearl. Large, snow-white flowers. 10 cts. per pkt. C. â Large-Plowering Pink and Large-Flowering Crimson. Each, loc. per pkt. Grand Mixture. Monster flowers, pink and white, 4 to 5 inches across ; flowers with overlapping petals resembling single dahlias, with frilled petals, with large, round, open petals, with irregular, laciniated petals ; white flowers, flecked and clouded with pink ; shaded light and dark ; beautiful shades of red and crimson ; star-like flowers, with fringed edges, pink, white, red, in endless combination. 25c. per pkt. CONVOLVULUS MIBiOR. (Dwarf Morning Glory, Ipomoea.) Remarkably handsome trailing plants, of luxu- riant growth. Well adapted for beds, borders, vases or baskets. C. Mauritanicus. Fine bright blue flowers, with yellow throat. 5 cts. per pkt. C. â tricolor. Pretty flowers of soft blue. 5 cts. per pkt. » 46 * Favorite old-fashioned flowers, now very much the fashion. The quaintly pretty flowers have good stems and are brightly colored. C. cyanus. (Corn Flower.) Flowers white or blue ; plants about 18 inches tall, free-blooming. Mixed seed, 5 cts. per pkt. C. â Victoria. A charming diminutive variety, forming little bushes, producing clusters of bright blue flowers in great abundance. Prettv for edgings or pot-culture. 10 cts. per pkt. C.â Emperor William. Dark blue; fine. 5c. perpkt. â ""or other varieties, see Foliage Plants. CENXRANXOUS lUACROSIPHOX. Pretty, compact-growing plants, about a foot high, with corymbs of red or white flowers, produced freely all summer. Much used for bedding, etc. Mixed seed, 5 cts. per pkt. COLLIIVSIA. All the Collinsias have brightly colored flowers, blooming in whorls, several of which cluster about each stem. The plants are continually in flower ; iK feet. Mixed seed, 5 cts. per pkt. j^^Try a packet of our new grand mix- ture of Cosmos.

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8 Gardening Tools and Equipment for beginners

8 Gardening Tools and Equipment’s for Beginner Gardeners



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8 Gardening Tools and Equipment’s for Beginner Gardeners