Gardening is usually a hobby for a number of people. Some do it for business purposes. It can be made in a number of ways. The one is the growth of a fragrant flower garden and the other is the garden for fruits, vegetables etc. They can be cultivated both indoor and the outdoor. Whatever the location is, some things should be considered, when you decide to create a garden. Here in this section. People usually grow flowers in home gardens that are rose, water lily, and hibiscus, and tulip, sunflower etc. They add beauty to the outlook of the house as well as present a beautiful smell. The houses in which these gardens are present enjoy a very refreshing air.
In home gardens the vegetables that are usually grown are bamboo, blueberry tomatoes, and cucumbers, potato and lady finger. The vegetables grown in the small cultivated areas in the house are usually sweet in taste and also smell good. Many urban people grow these vegetables so that by selling them they earn the money. These vegetables are grown for decorative purposes also in cities. The fruits that are usually grown are mango, guavava, cheeries, lemon, strawberries and dates. These fruits and vegetables take a lot of time to grow therefore the Gardner must be patient. In order to grow them the first step is to take that particular plant from the nursery and than plant it in the home garden. A sunny spot must be chosen for the plants. Then a compost of about 5 to 8 pound should be added. In this way a garden bed will be formed. The compost added must be rich in organic phosphate and organic matter. A great care must be taken about the watering of theses plants. They must be watered after every day. Another important factor that can increased the production of such plants. By shaking these plants gently once or twice each week for about 5 seconds once flowering begins. According to the National Gardening Association, shaking the plants increases fruit production by more evenly distributing pollen. These urban people usually grow these vegetables which is the source of earning for them. Decrease in the production will starve the people to death.
There are certain tips with the help of which we can improve our home gardens. The plants are cultivated in an area where there is a proper sunlight and they must be watered in time. Certain fertilizers that improve the yield of plants can be used. There a certain insects that are beneficial for the growth of certain plants can be used. Rough and uncultivated weeds must be removed from the beds. In order to beautify the gardens vines, law-growing annuals, perennial herbs and other landscape plants can be used.
If you want to grow the plant that is ground cover then grow vinca vine, or if you want a basket type look then grow sweet potato wine. Morning glory and hibiscus flower add a glorious look to the house.

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Tea plantations in Tanzania
Workshops in villages in Tanzania in September and October 2017 brought local villagers together to discuss inclusive agriculture, as part of CIFOR’s work on corporate commitments to sustainability and the incorporation of outgrowers.

Photo by Nkumi Mtimgwa/CIFOR

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