In addition to price, there are many things you need to look into, when shopping for gardening equipment? You want a chainsaw, a hedge trimmer and a brush cutter. You need three tools but you can buy a multi-tool that has three different attachments including a chainsaw, hedge cutter and a brush cutter.

A multi-tool will save you money and also help you maintain your garden in a hassle free manner. Greatest advantage of a multi-tool is that functionality of this tool can be changed according to needs. You want to cut surplus branches of a tree; you can attach a chain saw to the motor of the tool and make it a chainsaw. Similarly you can make it a hedge cutter and brush cutter. All you need to do change the functionality of a multi-tool is change its attachment.

Changing attachment isn’t a problem in gardening equipment. You just need opening a couple of nuts and bolts to detach an attachment and fix another. You can change attachments in short time hence you can take full advantage of the multi-tool without wasting time. When you are working in your garden and you need to change the attachments frequently, you can do so as multi-tools are designed for convenience.

But you need separate tools, if you have a farm or an expansive backyard or front lawn. You need a brush cutter, if there is plenty of grass in your backyard. A multi-tool is a good farm tool, if there is not much work to be done. But if you have remove weeds, thistles and unwanted plant saplings from a large ground then you need a brush cutter and not a multi-tool with attachments.

For gardening equipment whether a multi-tool or an individual too, you should visit a manufacturer’s website. A manufacturer can provide you everything from a multi-tool to a heavy duty chainsaw at affordable price. You can save plenty of dollars by buying tools from a manufacturer. On the other hand, a supplier will charge you a high price for the same tools.

Buy gardening equipment from a manufacturer and save money. In addition to getting the tool at affordable price, you will also get additional advantages like replacement guaranty and extended warranty. A supplier can give discounts on its profit. He can leave a certain amount from his profit as discount but a manufacturer can sell a tool at the manufacturing cost.

Lambert Weiss enjoys gardening in the evenings and the weekends with his family. Writing about gardening tools is a way for him to express and share his experiences. For more information visit gardening equipment and pole chain saws.

Image from page 53 of “Beckert seed & bulb co. : a good place to start your garden” (1931)
Title: Beckert seed & bulb co. : a good place to start your garden
Identifier: beckertseedbulbc1931beck
Year: 1931 (1930s)
Authors: Beckert Seed & Bulb Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Catalogs; Nursery stock Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Catalogs; Gardening Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Equipment and supplies Catalogs
Publisher: Pittsburgh, Pa. : Beckert Seed & Bulb Co.
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Pansies—Universal Favorites. Pansies Cool weather and moist soil produce the largest and finest Pansies. The best time to sow is during July or August, in shaded frames, in which the plants, given some protection, may be carried over winter and set out early the following Spring when they will commence to bloom at once and continue all Summer if watered plentifully. Next best is to sow indoors or in the hotbed in February or March. Seed sown in May will give blooming plants in the fall. Space Pansy plants at least a foot apart and keep the faded flow- ers picked. SPECIAI. FUTE STRAINS AND MIXTTTBES 2400 B. S. & B. Co.’s rinest Mixed. Selected for size, form of bloom, and richness of color, as well as vigor and free-blooming qualities, this special blend of our own is absolutely without a peer. Pkt., 50c; Vs oz., $1.75; % oz., $3.00; 1/2 oz., $5.00; oz., $10.00. 2401 Bugnot’s Ziarg-e Blotched. Big, round flowers distinguished by irregular blotch- es on the lower petals and radiating lines on the upper. Pkt., 25c; % oz., $1.00. 2402 Cassler’s Giants. Large flowers with well-defined blotches. Pkt., 25c; % oz., $1.00. 2403 Masterpiece. A giant-flowered strain with distinctly waved and frilled petals. Pkt, 25c; Vs oz., $1.00. 2404 Mme. Ferret. Wine shades. Pkt., 25c. % oz., 75c. 2405 Choice Mixed. An excellent mixture of exhibition strains. Pkt., 2 5c; % oz., 75c. 2420 Trimardeau Mixed. Pkt., 10c; 14 oz., $1.00. TUFTED PANSIES (Viola cornuta). PHH. These are improved strains of the old- fashioned "Johnny Jump-ups." The plants are bushy and free-blooming, with me- dium-sized flowers all summer. 2421 Blue Perfection. Deep blue shades. 2422 lutea splendens. Rich golden yellow. 2423 Butterfly (V. papilio). Lavender. 2424 Wlilte Perfection. Fine pure white. Each, pkt., 15c; V4 oz., $1.00. 2430 Mixed. The above and many others. Pkt., 15c; V4, oz., 75c. 2425 Viola Jersey Gem. New hardy Viola, blooms all Summer. Pkt., 25c. 2431 VIO^A odorata (Sweet-scented Vio- let). The true Sweet-scented Violet. Pkt.. 25c. Fancy Giant Pansies An excellent strain of Fancy Giant Pan- sies, much larger than the old Trimardeau type and very true to color. Plants have strong, bushy growth and are remarkably free flowering. 2410 Cardinal. Brilliant cardinal red. A rare shade in Pansies. 2411 Eros. Large flowers, velvety brown, edged with golden yellow. 2412 Golden Gem. (Blotched). Golden yel- low with large brown blotches on the lower petals. 2413 Golden Queen. Pure golden yellow. 2414 Iiord Beaconsfield Improved. Top pet- als sky blue, lower petals violet-purple. 2415 Mauve Queen. Rosy lilac-mauve, ex- tra large blooms. 2416 Mercury. Giant blooms with frilled edges, velvety black. 2417 Snowflake. Extra large; pure snow white. 2418 Vulcan. Rich dark red with black blotches. An unusual bloom. Each, pkt., 15c; Vs oz., 75c. 2419 COXiIiECTION. One pkt. of each of the above nine colors, $1.20. PANSY PI.ANTS Pansy Plants raised from B. S. & B. Co. Finest Mixed are on sale at our store in season.

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