Gardening Basics : How to Plant Seeds for a Home Herb Garden

To plant basil or other favorites in your home herb garden, prepare a moistened mix of Vermiculite and Pearlite and then simply push two or three seeds at a time into the soil. Learn how to start a successful herb garden in this free video on gardening basics.

Expert: Donna Emery
Bio: Donna Emery has been a certified horticulturist for 20 years, has a two year degree in landscape design, and is a Utah-certified nursery professional.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Series Description: Even if your green thumb is just budding, you can learn how to make your favorite plants flourish with this selection of gardening basics, from fertilizing the soil to planting the seeds. A certified horticulturist shares her knowledge in this free video series.

Covent Garden Flower Women
From ‘Street Life in London’, 1877, by John Thomson and Adolphe Smith

…How different is the Covent Garden of to-day, with its bustle and din, its wealth and pauperism, its artifices, its hot-house flowers and forced fruit, its camellias with wire stems, its exotics from far-off climes, to "the fair-spreading pastures," measuring, according to the old chronicle, some seven acres in extent, where the Abbots of Westminster buried those who died in their convent. In those days vegetables were not only sold here but grew on the spot; and the land, now so valuable, was considered to be worth an annual income of £6 6s. 8d., when given by the Crown to John RusselI, Earl of Bedford, in 1552…

…When death takes one of the group away, a child has generally been
reared to follow in her parents’ footsteps; and the" beat" in front of the church is
not merely the property of its present owners, it has been inherited from previous
generations of flower-women. Now and then a stranger makes her appearance,
probably during the most profitable season, but as a rule the same women may be
seen standing on the spot from year’ s end to year’s end, and the personages of the
photograph are well known to nearly all who are connected with the market…

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