Most home owners would agree that keeping up with the yard work is a real challenge – especially when life is coming at you from every other direction too. Here are a few simple tips that can make garden and yard maintenance easier and perhaps fun too!

Starting with the right gardening tools is the first step to achieving an easy to maintain atmosphere in your backyard and all around your property. Let’s think about the tasks at hand and work through all the gardening tools you’ll need to get the job done, without spending a fortune. Ask yourself these questions and decide if we’re talking about you here:

1) Do you have grass coverage on more than 90% of your garden space? If so, you may just need a decent lawn mower and trimming equipment to keep it cleaned up. The remaining 10% of your garden space may be used for flower beds, potted plants or storage space.

2) Do you have large flower beds, potted plants and hanging flower baskets in your garden? Best to have some hand garden tools to get the job done right! Digging trowels, small shovels and branch shears are often the only tools you need to keep these garden landscapes in pristine order.

3) Do you have a vegetable garden or another type of large planting area to take care of? Gardening is a great hobby for many people – the rewards are as plentiful as the bounty – but this too takes a little elbow grease. Be sure to have the right garden tools that allow you to keep your body in a comfortable posture and remember to always wear gardening gloves. Bending down to get those weeds can be a killer on the back and knees. Try a stand up weed remover that works by applying weight with your arms and feet and for those times you have to get down and dirty, don’t forget to use some type of padded surface – you can find these knee savers at any gardening store.

Always remember that your garden is a living, breathing thing and it requires love and attention just like people do. With that in mind, be sure to keep your grass and plants healthy with plenty of water and sunshine. Using the right gardening tools will make a huge difference to your gardening experiences and will provide you the results you’ve been looking for, without all the frustration and cost that comes with using the wrong tools.

Jackie Harlow is a master gardener with over 3 decades of experience working as a professional landscaper. She spends every extra penny he has on garden tools like watering cans and pruning shears Jackie also contributes her expertise to

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Did somebody forget his gardening tools somewhere in Jerusalem?
By RahelSharon on 2010-04-04 11:51:54
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Gardening Gear: EP.2 Digging Tools

In the previous video we looked at a few tools for new gardeners. After some initial gardening you’re probably ready to get some serious work done. Often times that involves moving some earth. In this episode we look at a couple of common and iconic digging tools. In addition, we will look at a gardening tool that is less iconic and very fun to use– a drain spade.

Like the hand mattock, the idea to try out a drain spade came from watching professional landscapers using them.