Everyone who owns a house knows that property upkeep can be a chore. It takes a slew of tools and lot of time. Many things can be done to make this task easier. Organization tops my list. Performing your maintenance is hard enough, and keeping up with your tools should not add to this.

Storing your tools in a dry, organized environment will go a long way toward helping you save time. Many people do this in their garages, but this monopolizes the space and can make a mess. The best way to keep your outdoor tools organized is with a garden shed.

Once you have decided that you need a garden shed, the next step is to decide whether to buy or build one yourself. There are several choices available at the box stores and from independent dealers. These options often leave you wanting for more. While they may serve your purpose, they are often poorly constructed and look like a mass-produced afterthought. To save money and get exactly what you want, I recommend building your own using a good set of garden shed designs.

You might say that sounds too hard or think you don’t have enough building experience. With the proper planning and guidance, building a garden shed can be a very educational and enjoyable project. The internet is a wealth of information and it is almost impossible not to find answers to questions you might have.

If you get garden shed designs and a how-to guide before you start, you just can’t go wrong.

Start your project by considering the size space you will need to neatly store your tools. Don’t build the minimum. You will only regret it. A cramped, disorganized space will only be a frustration. One huge benefit of building your own garden shed is that you can pick the design and façade. A clever trick is to mimic the design of your house; this will make the shed look like it was meant to be there and not just an afterthought. Plan the placement for easy access and also for aesthetics. Since the point of a garden shed is to make your yard work easier, place it where you can get to your tools without going out of your way.

Taking on the project of building a garden shed will be much easier with plans and a materials list. Shop around and get bids from different suppliers. Often they will beat each others prices and you will save money. If you use a lumber yard you will likely build a relationship with your sales rep and have a good go to person if you run into any snags. Get your materials, follow the design, and have fun.

For more information on garden shed designs and construction please visit Build Your Own Shed

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Planning Your Garden!

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