Some Garden Products are good, others are excellent

Do you like to potter around in the garden?  No doubt your shed is full of Garden Products that help to keep your prized plot of land looking fabulous throughout the year. Some are better than others aren’t they?  Go on, admit it.  You’ve bought a few Garden Products over the years that you’ve only used once or twice and they are now pretty much redundant.  Have you put Smartedge to the test though? If you haven’t you really must try this wonderful garden product.  It helps to maintain your garden borders and it’ll be one of the best Garden Products that you buy this year.

Why buy Garden Products of this nature?

It’ll mean you’ll never have to edge your laws again. How much time have you spent edging your lawn over the years using other Garden Products?  Using a proper edging tool it can be a pain, never mind a humble set of shears.  Fit the Smartedge system of Garden Products around the edges of your lawn and you’ll never have to complete backbreaking edging procedures again.  How can this be?  Once fitted this system actually binds itself to the roots of your lawn as your grass grows through it.  This helps to provide a permanent barrier leaving you free from lawn edging duties in the future.  Think about fitting the Smartedge system and you can say goodbye to your lawn edging device.  If only other Garden Products could be this useful.

Smartedge is one of the UK’s leading Garden Products

It’s easy to see why. As useful Garden Products go, this lawn edging system is in a world of its own. Once fitted to your lawn you’ll no longer have to worry about trimming the edge; you can focus fully on cutting the lawn. It must be good because it’s now being used in the grounds of stately homes and local councils and you know how fussy they can be about their gardens.  Buy smart lawn edging systems through suppliers of Garden Products that sell a great range of products to their customers.  A number of labour-saving Garden Products can be bought and Smartedge is one that stands out from the crowd. are specialist suppliers of one of the UK’s leading garden products , Smartedge. Help to easily maintain your lawn borders; visit our site for more information.

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10 Gardening Products & Practices I’ve Abandoned & Why

Over the years, I’ve abandoned a number of the gardening products and practices I grew up with or used in the past in my own garden. This process of elimination has led me to a low cost, low effort approach that gets excellent results by focusing on what really works.

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Today I share 10 different gardening products and practices I’ve abandoned over the years and why I abandoned them.

1) Tilling – 0:30
2) Growing in Rows – 1:52
3) Synthetic Fertilizer – 2:35
4) Store Bought Compost – 3:30
5) Store Bought Organic Fertilizer – 4:17
6) Rock Dust – 5:04
7) Biochar – 6:10
8) Comfrey Tea – 7:27
9) Compost Tea – 8:22
10) Turning Compost Frequently – 9:15

“The Truth About Garden Remedies” by Jeff Gillman:
“Decoding Gardening Advice” by Jeff Gillman:
“The Truth About Organic Gardening” by Jeff Gillman:
“The Informed Gardener” by Linda Chalker-Scott:
“The Informed Gardener Blooms Again” by Linda Chalker-Scott:

OYR is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost and mulch. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.

Garden Myths Playlist:

Summary of Biochar Benefits from Washington State University: