Why should you consider a mower maintenance jack in the first place? Being able to access the underside of a mower, especially a riding lawnmower, can be dangerous. Unless you have the proper equipment to hold the mower into place while you are working on the underside, you are in danger of having that equipment fall on you or shift when you are working on it. Obviously, this is not a position you want to find yourself in. Due to the moving parts and blades on the underside of a riding mower, this can become very dangerous not only for the person working under it but also for everyone around.

Who needs to consider a mower maintenance jack?

The most logical candidate for someone to purchase a mower jack is a mechanic shop that works on riding lawn mowers and heavy lawn equipment on a regular basis. However, a mower jack is also good idea for any homeowners who like to do their own heavy lawn equipment maintenance. It gives them the ability to access the underside of the equipment in a safe and secure manner. Anyone, of course, can purchase one of these jacks. However, needing it is different from wanting it.

What features should you select in a mower maintenance jack?

You need to find a mower jack made of the best materials possible. You also want a jack that can handle lawn equipment of varying sizes using simple adjustments; this makes work safe and convenient. You need a mower jack that allows you to hoist a piece of equipment to varying heights in a secure and safe manner. You want a jack that will ratchet into place to secure the heavy piece of equipment while you are working on it. You need a simple mechanism for raising and lowering the heavy lawn equipment. It is even better if you could do this automatically.

How would you use a mower maintenance jack?

You can use a mower jack for many repair and maintenance tasks on large pieces of lawn equipment. The most common uses are being able to get under a riding lawnmower to perform maintenance and repairs on the blades. Another reason is to have access to changing tires and repairs on axles. These are just a few things you can use a mower jack for in a repair shop. It is a wise investment to make if you do any work on heavy lawn equipment. With the optional workbench accessory, you can hoist push mowers as well. Furthermore, a mower maintenance jack secures lawn tractors and zero turn radius riding mowers with wheel measurements of thirty one point five to sixty two point five inches. The adjustable setting on the mower jack fits virtually any riding mower. The mower jack is designed to secure and lift up to seven hundred and fifty pounds, twenty eight inches vertically. A mower jack provides a great way for golf courses, landscape companies and service departments to save both time and money.

With a mower maintenance jack you can efficiently and safely raise your mower.

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Watch how to complete a full tune up on your lawn mower to help it run perfectly. I show how to replace the blade, spark plug, clean the carburetor, replace the needle and seat, install a new carburetor gasket and do some other general fixing and cleaning. The lawnmower should start right up and run perfectly after this full tuneup. Check out my other videos on lawnmower repair!

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