You might be a new homeowner or perhaps your old beast of a lawn mower has finally broken down but everyone living in a home is presented with a plethora of options when buying a lawn mower.  This article won’t focus on which mower to buy but more on tips on how to buy a used lawn mower.  What people do not know is that lawn mowers are meant to last for many many years and buying one used is usually as good of an idea for your lawn as it is for your wallet.

Tip 1: Don’t Be Too Picky

At the onset of your mower search you may have a certain brand in mind.  Don’t fall into the trap that you are looking for a specific brand and never end up buying anything because you couldn’t find the perfect deal.
There are more lawn mower manufacturers out there than you may realize but many use the same engine.  Briggs and Stratton as well as Honda engines are considered to be the best of breed.
You will find that the used lawn mower market is a first come first serve because mowers last for a long time.  Since you don’t need to buy a new mower every year, you are limited to people that just want a new one and people downsizing from their home to a condo or apartment.  This is becoming more and more prevalent with an aging population.

Tip 2: Check Auctions

Having been to a couple of police auctions, you won’t believe what the police are selling for a fraction of their retail price!  Contact your local police agency and see if they are holding an auction in your area.  Police like to do spring cleaning so in April/May you will have a better shot of attending one.
Police auctions are not the only auctions in your area.  Use Google maps or even your yellow pages and search for auctions in your area.  I guarantee there will be more than you expected.  Not all auctions contain lawn mowers so call ahead of time and find out.
Tip 3: Online Sources
The two places I would recommend searching for a lawn mower online would be kijiji and Craigslist.  I say this because both of these classified ad sites are locals selling to locals.  The problems that can arise from buying off of a site such as eBay is that someone from across the country could turn what looks to be an amazing deal into a horrible one by charging horrendous shipping and handling.  Stick with kijiji and Craigslist and you can drive to the person’s house and pick up your mower in a matter of hours.
Tip 4: Old Fashioned Classifieds
Last but not least check the classifieds in your local paper.  Some people still don’t use the Internet or haven’t learned of free online classifieds.  The benefit here is that most people have forgotten about paper classified ads and stick to searching online only.  If you are lucky you could find a great deal and you will have barely any competition.
Follow these 4 tips and you will definitely put yourself in a good position to find a quality lawn mower at a decent price. As a final note: John Deere lawn mowers have the best reputation and have a large fan base so if you stumble upon one of these gems, don’t pass up on the opportunity.

If you see a mower that you might want to buy, check out my site on Lawn Mower Reviews. We are growing daily and we do take requests.

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