Flower Gardening : How to Garden With Hardy Geraniums

Hardy geraniums can thrive in your garden for many years under a wide range of conditions, though you may want to nourish nutrient-poor soil and occasionally give the flowers partial shade on the sunniest days. Get to know your geraniums with the help of this free video on flower gardening.

Expert: Donna Emery
Contact: www.glovernursery.com
Bio: Donna Emery has been a certified horticulturist for 20 years, has a two year degree in landscape design, and is a Utah-certified nursery professional.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Series Description: Fill your world with flowers, including peonies, tulips, hardy geraniums, lavender, and whatever else suits your fancy with these invaluable tips on flower gardening. Learn from an experienced nursery professional in this free video series.

Garden at La Quinetière
View of the garden at La Quinetière across the lawn

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