Getting a mower can cause just about as much headache as buying a car. Sure you need one that runs, but that is not where it ends. How does it run? How expensive is it to repair? Is it tall enough for the average person? These questions are on the mind of anyone who is about to make this type of purchase. But the issue lies in the fact that as a customer, you will rarely, if ever, get a chance to test your purchase before you have bought it. As one can imagine, many customers have found themselves more than a little frustrated after they have made such an expensive purchase that did not work out. But what if there was a way to change that? What if you could read lawn mower reviews before you ever touched your wallet? Just how much would that help you?

Reading lawn mower reviews will give you the peace of mind that you are making the best choice for both your lawn and your budget. Honest reviews from people who honestly know. Imagine how much this would take the guesswork out of your next mower purchase? How good would it feel to know that you never again have to worry about wasting money on a mower that does not work for you?

Remember for a second, all of those times when you bought something that would only cause you major frustration. Remember for a moment that washing machine that broke as soon as the warranty had expired, the recently purchased car that had many problems that you never anticipated. Don’t you think it would be great to spare yourself from that same headache when it comes to your lawn?

It does not matter if you are seeking a push reel, electric, or environmentally friendly mower, all of your questions can be answered today. Don’t forget, manufacturer has the goal of you buying from them, they are hoping that you would overlook any small flaws that the product might have and buy from them. However, the customer has been where you are, a customer has nothing to gain by writing a review, they just want to help you to make an informative decision. Allow those customers to help you with your next mower purchase.

Take time right now to read lawn mower reviews and get all of the information that you need before making your next purchase.

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Title: The Utah Farmer : Devoted to Agriculture in the Rocky Mountain Region
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Utah State Agricultural College. Extension Service
Subjects: Agriculture Farmers Farm management Farm produce Farmers’ spouses
Publisher: Lehi and Salt Lake City, Ut. Co
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when real treatmentmight have benefited him. Millionaires are irequently suffer-ers from various maladies brougnt onby high living and lack of exercise.If these advertisements are true whydo not the monied sick buy theirway back to boyhoods redolooded-ness and ability to devour greenapples. . erhaps they dont read thepapers. They surely don. or theywould see where it plainly and candid-ly states (with a very small adv:at the bottom) that anything in theworld from chronic corns to brainfever can be cured—effectually andpermanently—oy merely rubbing someof the famous Dr. Quackos good oldlinament on the left eyebrow. Hut what of the testimonials?you ask. What about Bill Smith ofNo. 23 Wishwash street, Squeedunk.Minn., who miraculously regained hishealth through some widely advertised cure? In ;i subsequent article we willanswer those questions morethoroughly. The Utah State Boardof Health and the State Food Depart-ment is prepared to prove that atleast many testimonials are as worth-

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Planet Jr. Tools get largest crops with least work Whats the use of drudging to get ordinary results when a Planet JrSeeder or Cultivator does six mens work, and gives you an increasedyield besides? Planet Jrs are patents of a man skilled both in farm-ing and manufacturing for over 35 years. They arelight, strong, lasting, and fully guaranteed. No. 4 Planet Jr Combined Seeder and Wheel-Hoe saves time, labor, seed and money. Almost all usefulgarden implements in one. Adjustable in a minute tosow all garden seeds, hoe, cultivate, weed, or plow.Pays for itself quickly, even in small gardens. No. 8 Planet Jr Horse Hoe and Cultivator will do more things in more ways than any otherhorse-hoe made. Plows to or from the row. Asplendid furrower, coverer, hiller, and horsehoe; and unequalled as a cultivator. Come and look over these up-to- ■date implements. Full Line of GardenTools, Wheelbarrows, Z3T~Rakes, Lawn Mowers, ^O^Hoes, Spading Forks,etc.

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Occasionally I get asked how to choose a lawn mower. What kind of lawn mower should I buy? Well there’s a lot of different kinds of lawn mowers out there. There’s electric mowers. There’s gas mowers. There’s self propelled mowers. There’s push mowers. There’s even riding mowers. The first thing I would suggest to you is to assess how much grass do you have and how big of a machine do you need. I would buy the minimum machine that will get the job done. If you have a small patch in the front of your house that only needs several swipes and you can do it in 15 minutes then you might want to consider an electric mower if you have access to an electrical socket. That way you’ll avoid the fumes of the mower and bothering your neighbors with the noise. But most of you will have a little more turf and you’ll want to consider a gas mower.

Now push behind or walk behind mowers, there’s two different varieties. There’s the kind that you have to push along and there’s self propelled. If you’re not very strong or you’re not very energetic then you might want to consider spending a little more and investing in a self propelled mower. If not, then just buy a push mower and you can get the job done just as well. Also if you have a very big lawn then you’ll definitely want to consider a self propelled mower, one that has a wide cutting swath as opposed to a narrow swath. But you’ll especially want to consider maybe purchasing a riding mower. A riding mower is a lot of fun and it will save you a lot of energy and it gets the job done quicker. So remember, when you’re choosing a mower, don’t chose more than you need. If you have a small spot, choose a small simple mower. If you have a big lawn then you’ll want to consider a self propelled or a riding mower.