Summer is the time to relax in your garden and the true significance of a lawn is only accepted when you want it the most. The benefit of having a great lawn is not just that it is a great asset during summer or other times when you want it, but that it augments the value of your house. So, to have a properly maintained lawn, there are certain precautions that you need to take frequently.

Many people cut their grass extraordinarily short so that they can take some off before the subsequent mowing. However, the neatest thing is to let your grass be a height of 6-8 cm and not cut your grass lower than this. This can ensure that the soil can preserve moisture better and also the grass will have a deeper root system which will support the growth process. Never cut your grass when it is wet. Cutting grass when it is dry provides help in avoiding close crop cutting ; and also protects the blades of the lawnmower from rusting.

Always ensure that your mower has sharp blades so that your lawn is maintained properly. The reality is that cutting your grass with a blunt blade will hamper the growth of the grass and so mower blades have to be checked periodically for sharp blades. An excellent idea to provide nitrogen to your grass is to let the turf clippings remain on the grass after cutting it. This will give you a healthy and green lawn.

However in certain situations like when the lawn is really wet, grass clippings can prohibit the growth of the grass. In such an eventuality, the grass clippings are capable of covering the grass to the limit that sunlight doesn’t penetrate the grass below and it really withers off and dies.

Another imperative aspect of lawn care is acceptable watering. Suitable watering includes even distribution and the ideal quantity of water that’s given to the lawn. As far as quantity is anxious, about 2.5 cm of water is the right proportion to be given to your lawn. To make sure, place a container while watering the grass and check the level of water after you have finished with your watering.

This will make sure that you never go over the top with the watering. Excess watering or absence of watering can both harm your garden. The ideal time to water your lawn is the small hours of the morning as this prevents evaporation due to sunlight. Watering your garden in the morning also forestalls it from being troubled by diseases.

As far as tools are concerned , also check out for used landscaping appliances. If you take these simple steps into account, you will definitely have a great looking garden which you can enjoy during the summer and spring.

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Image from page 12 of “Beckert’s garden, flower and lawn seeds” (1908)
Identifier: beckertsgardenfl1908wmcb
Title: Beckert’s garden, flower and lawn seeds
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Wm. C. Beckert (Firm) Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Commercial catalogs Seeds Vegetables Seeds Catalogs Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Catalogs Fruit Seeds Catalogs Flowers Seeds Catalogs Garden tools Catalogs
Publisher: Pittsburg, Pa. : Wm. C. Beckert
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feet apart. It is important that the plants should not stand thick in the seed-beds, as this would induce weak, slender plants. To insure large, solid heads of Cab- Beckerts Early Snowball Cauliflower CAULIFLOWER (Slumenfo^I) How to Crow Fine Cauliflower. Culture for Cauliflower and cabbagesis essentially the same, but to the former extra care given in applying ferti-lizers and moisture well repays the gardener. Sow the seeds for early andlate crops as directed for cabbage, but do not set the early plants in theopen field too soon, for if too much stunted by severe frosts they begin toEorm heads before they are strong enough to develop them well. Plantsvhich have not headed before winter sets in may be stored in a cool cellaror coldframe, and will form heads there without any further attention. Adeep, loamy soil, with a substratum of moisture during dry weather, is mostsuitable for the Cauliflower. An ounce of seed will produce about 1,500 plants.Produces large, handsome heads measur-

Text Appearing After Image:
PRAGUE GIANT celeriAC (See page 8) 10 Wm. C. Beckerts Choice List of Vegetable Seeds, Pittsburg, Pa. CABBAGE SEED, continued bage, the soil must be plowed deep and made very rich. The insectswhich molest them should be kept in check with remedies which seemmost efficacious in the locality. Crops of Cabbage should not be grownfor a number of years on the same ground, on account of club-root. y EARLY EXPRESS. cts., oz. 20 cts., 341b. 65 cts / EUREKA Varieties

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