In this article, we will list a number of feng shui garden tips that can help you turn your garden into a powerful generator of positive Chi energy.

We hope that you find our advice useful; however, the most important tip is to listen to your intuition.

A special feature of a classical feng shui garden is having a pond, pool, or fountain in the center of it. Any body of water (natural or artificial) will increase the good Chi energy in the garden. The most crucial point is to keep the water clean, clear, and fresh. Stagnant water attracts the destructive Sha instead of the positive Chi energy. The traditional feng shui says that the optimum home location is on a small hill next to a splashing brook or small river, which brings Chi into the house.

Try to ensure that the garden’s view from the windows is attractive in every season. The garden should be set up to be welcoming for you and your guests. Try to avoid having tools, bikes, or garbage containers in your garden, as they disrupt the harmony. It is advisable to have a bench next to your entrance door – it’s practical and attractive. A harmonious space in front of your house will promote the Chi, and help it flow from your garden into your home.

A feng shui garden can have beds with herbs and shrubs with berries. Try to give time and thought to the choice of trees. Everyone can feel affection to a particular tree, which will make you feel happy. Sitting on a bench under your favorite tree will recharge you.

A garden should be surrounded by a protective (limiting) area. Its functions are to create a beautiful landscape scene, mark the garden’s boundaries, and hide it from prying eyes. It can be a high wall or a small hedge – the choice is yours.

We perceive the nature in a garden with every sense: the color of flowers, the aromas of herbs, and the rustle of leaves. Each of these can bring joy. Let your garden be dominated by flowers, trees, herbs, and plants that you personally like and enjoy.

The garden’s light is also very important – any type of light enhances the Chi energy flow. Consider using artificial lighting, especially for the pathways, in the dark. The light should not be too weak, but it probably should not turn night into day either. You can use practical lighting, as well as decorative lights to underline the magical beauty of your pond or plants.

Handmade works of art can boost the appeal of a garden and emphasize its individuality.

Listen to your intuition and you will find the best solution for your garden. The boosted Chi energy will boost the sense of harmony and wellbeing in your feng shui garden.

Feng-shui is a traditional Chinese teaching with a millennial history. This teaching explains how to live in harmony with nature. The roots of this doctrine go deep into Chinese culture and Taoism. The art of feng shui is to help people manage the flow of chi energy with maximum benefit.

James Brickman runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui gardens.

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The red tips are in bloom in North Texas. Here are a couple of views
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