The term landscape refers to the study of number of features like type of land, soil, about water bodies like rivers canals seas and also the condition of soil. In this article we are concerned about the features of America; therefore first we see that what the geographical distribution of America is. Natural features of North America include the In the northern portion of America there are new Present new Rocky Mountains in the west; and the considerably older Appalachian Mountains to the east. This rocky area occupies almost all the northern east quadrant. The area of Appalachian is present from peninsula upto the Alabama. The other three divisions in north are Atlantic coastal plain, which is a belt of lowlands, the interior lowlands that are responsible for the production of crops and the complex belt of mountains in which are present the plateaus and the low basins. A large number of rivers and lakes are also present.
As there is a great diversity in the geography of the state therefore it also represents the existence of almost all type of weathers i.e. from certain areas it shows. Tropical rain forest and savanna and in others ice caps in the Greenland. Sub arctic and tundra climates also prevail in north Canada and north Alaska. In America the desert and semiarid conditions are found in interior regions cut off by high mountains from rain-bearing westerly winds. The main rivers of North American are Saint Lawrence River on the New YorkOntario border, Churchill, Mackenzie, Nelson, Severn., Delaware, Huds on, James and Mississippi .These rivers are responsible for the regulation of water flow in the state and the dams build on them help in the storage of this water.
Through the discussion above we come to know that most of the area of America is cold and humid. The rate of growth and vegetation is very less here. The trees and the fruits that require a cold weather usually grow here and these include the spruces, firs, hemlock and pines. Sugarcane is the major fruit that grows here. The plants here usually have needle like leaves and this struction of the leaves show an adaptation for the conservation of water. In these forests are present certain animals .The examples are deer, elk, caribou, moose, mule deer, and the abundant white-tailed deer .All these animals are adapted for the cold weather and they hide themselves in extreme cold and come out in search of food when the weather is moderate.
The lands of America are rich in the products of petroleum and mines. Therefore they are the biggest traders of mines in the world. The presences of these sources enrich a land and take its worth to heights. For agriculture those pastures that have adaptations for the winter are used in cultivation in winter and vice versa for summer adapted animals. The growth rate in America is comparatively low but still production is good.

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