A top factor to consider when thinking of lawn mowers at home is your love for a well cut and maintained lawn. How much you treasure a lawn will act to determine what you are ready to invest towards a lawn mower. There is something wonderful about having a beautiful lawn. It just probes you to smile and feel good and who knows, you could make money out of it – someone might just decide to hire the your breathtaking lawn for a session of photography.

Lawn mowers are specially designed to make your lawn improve and maintain its aesthetic value by virtue of it having a clean, uniform trim of your preferred size. Anyway, whether you treasure a lawn in your compound or not, there are various reasons that could lead you want to cut down your lawn. Neighbors could press you down to cut down your overgrown lawn citing health hazards or you could simply be a sucker for well kept lawns and you do not wait for anyone to tell you about maintaining. That is the main factor that will serve to determine your lawn mowers need.

After you settle for the idea of having the best lawn in your locality, you might just need to consider how and where to source out the best lawn mower machines. Sourcing out these machines should be guided by three factors. One, you ought to know what kind of lawn mowers best suits your needs; two, the cost of hiring or buying the machines and then lastly, the best place to source out the machines.

Lawn mowers for your needs

The types of lawn mowers in the market are designed and sold for the needs of maintaining very low cut grass lawns, medium height grass, and the size of the lawn, the use of the lawn, the maintenance cost and frequency. It is better to consult your dealer when you want to know the best type for your needs of a lawn for instance, cylinder mowers could be the best for whatever size of cut you need because they have adjustable blades, hover mowers could be the best for smaller lawns, ride on or lawn tractors could be the best for large lawns, rotary electric for lower cost maintenance and so on. Your best dealer could help you get a compromise lawn mower that will come between all these needs.

The cost of hiring or buying the lawn mower

If you consider buying a mower, it should be because your mowing needs seem to be recurrent in a year. In such a case, resorting to hiring could be costly in the long run. If you need to trim just once in a longtime, then hiring could be the best option. The next advantage of hiring lawn mowers is that you have an option of several types that you could not possibly buy them all.

The best dealer

Look for the one with several types and maintenance advice. Also go for the one who can give better prices, one whose reputation for quality lawn mowers is clean.

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Title: Better fruit
Identifier: betterfruit10wash
Year: (s)
Authors: Washington State Apple Commission
Subjects: Fruit-culture
Publisher: Hood River, Ore. , Better Fruit Pub. Co
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I0i6 BETTER FRUIT Page 2j When It’s Nitrate Time for Peaches Use broadcast 200 lbs. per acre this Spring after Blos- som Time. It takes Nitrate of Soda for Peach Results. Send Post Card Today for Fruit Books â Free WM. S. MYERS, Director 25 Madison Ave., New York ipiTTiERcoBunNco/i arenandy and use- ful after the grease fias been used. They serve to remind you that fwhile using the C. & S. Axle Grease you had no trouble with I the wheels. Hiff-Coburn Compstij S(n FiancUct) Jrees * wtth jrogr yonng trect. Oft« rabbM wfll kUl m«ny n ⢠itrfk nl(hL Mice and :ui worms wQ] damaie and de*tro7 thatn If /ou don’t protect ihen^ 0«i doltari’ wonh of protection at â frac- tk» irf a cent ceat by uiing HawKeye Tree Protectors’^ Absolute protection ngainst gnawera wid boirâ¢. â Pt^vrnt trees from becoming lldiuled and bruised by cul- tivator or tawn mower Made of elm veneer, chMnically treated Easily put on and wlH last until tree is beyond nwdifif pnM«tt«v Don t w.it until tome of yo«T tree, are killed â order H.wkeye Piom.UJ«i now. RetiulAr »iee 10 Inches wMe. 10 inches h^h Price in lots of 100 â 1 cent .pwce. in toll of 1000 â?i cent â plee.. Special sues made to order. Write far circular and samples. Wt malt* ^tiif Ba^tii â gel out priiu. Burlington Basket Company I laB Main SL, Burlington, loMra Oil Company Throws Light on Carbon Deposits ir llu" amount of air enlcriiig the car- Ijiiiftfir is not siitlicient to insure com- plete combustion, we have what is known as a rich mixture, says a bulle- tin on carbon deposit and its causes, issued by the Standard Oil Company. This is a slow-burning mixture rather than an explosive one and will cause excessive carbon deposit. For exam- ple, if the wick of an oil burning lamp is tuined too high, loo much oil will be siphoned thrffugh the wick for the amount of air entering the lamp to form complete combustion. The lamp will smoke, and soot, which is carbon, will be deposited on the chimney. This is exactly what happens in the cylin- ders of a gas engine. The products of incomplete Cfimbustion of the gasoline deposit a certain amount of carbon in the combustion chamber. This carbtin deposit will builil up very much nuire ((uickly if it has a bed to build up on, such as would be producctl by a lubri- cating oil which when exposed to the heat of explosion would leave a gunmiv deposit. Lieut. G. S. Bryan, L’.S.N., has abl and correctly pointed out in his article on "Motor Cylinder Lubricatifin" that lubricating oils manufactured from paralline base crudes deposit more car- bon than lubricating oils manufactured from asphallic base crudes. The reason for this is that paralline base crudes contain paralline wax, which cannot be entirely eliminated from llie manufac- turcfi ijroduct. E, very .7. Chubbuck Company are putting out a ,t.., attractive poster whicli is making quite a hit witli the trade, illustrating tlieir Ideal gojiher trap. The color work is beautifully done, the panel being made from a photograpli taken l>y a California farmer who has secured splendid results in destroying pocket gophers with the use of these traps. Routledge Seed and Floral Co. have recently issued a very attractive seed catalog for laiCi containing some interesting and valuable in- formation in reference to gardening, in adiii- tion to the lists of varieties, prices, etc. ‘I’lic same can be obtained by adclressing Routledge Seed and Floral Co., 169 Second Street, Port- land, Oregon. Dwarf Apples.âThe Experiment Station of Geneva, New York, after ten years’ experience Willi Dwarf Apples, state that they are not considcretl commercially promising. Consitier- ablc information is given in connection witli experiments regarding Dwarf Apples in Bul- letin ton, issued bv the Geneva Experiment Station. Inspector De Sellem of Yakima is one of tin- very active insjiectors who nutans what he says He has already sent out notices ad- vising fruitgrowers that the laws for spraying will he enforced during the coming season. If every inspector ditl as good work as De Sellem fruitgrowers would have fewer pests and diseases, secure cleaner crops and make more nuiney. Wcuafctiec fruitgrowers held a meeting in Ihc Coniiucrcial Club rooms during February, object being to cut out consignment. A com- mittee was appoinleil for tlie purpose of con- vincing the growers with the view of pledging llieiii lo sell for easli dining the year inifi. II was stated that a special invitation will be given to dealers who are cash buyers to come to Wena tehee this year. The Itritish government, on account of llir hra>- expense incurred by the war, lias up for eoiisitlcraiion an embargo on all imports ottierwise than actual necessities, .pplcs are iiicllidcil in the iirogram.

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Sixteen Years Old For sixteen years this seal has stood for protection to the shipper. Don’t make a mistake of signing up your ton- nage now â the "Distributors" and "Sales Agencies’" will be just as eager to do business with you laterâDon’t let that worry you. Meantime investigate and see if our Service will not help you to do your own marketingâTo investi- gate first is wise. Our new Souvenir Calendar is now ready, containing photographic views of our New York and Chicago offices, extracts from the "BLUE BOOK" Trading Rules, Fruit and Produce Grades, Law of Commerce, Historical Review of the Organization and other information of practical every day value to shippers. It will be sent free to any shipper who handles five cars or more in a season, who will fill in and mail following coupon. Produce Reporter Co., Chicago, Illinois. Mall Calendar to Town State. We ship cars of Ship through Carco" ""^’^^ MAGGOTS A wonderfully successful spray for destroying maggots, grubs and worms which infest TURNIPS. RADISHES. BEETS. RUTABAGAS, CAULIFLOWER, CABBAGE, ONIONS, etc.. and also rec- ommended for combatting crown borers in STRAWBERRIES. This remedy has been tried out at Experiment Stations by Horticultural Inspectors and leading growers, who are highly pleased with results. For Sale by All Leading Seed Houses on Pacific Coast. Ask for It. Manufactured ONLY by Standard Chemical Company TACOMA, WASHINGTON (Send for Circular) True-to-Name Nursery GALLIC AN BROS. Proprietors Hood River, Oregon Dufur, Oregon firowers of hit-h crado tmrsory sfot-k. piiarante<?d (nie-to-nanip. Breeders and Importers of pure-bred Big Typo Polatid-Ohin;i Hdks. Scnico boars, bred gilts and weaning pigs for sale. Knr i-ntnlo): of i nrscry stoi-k and prlcfw wino. wTltt’ True-to-Name Nursery HOOD RIVER. OREGON WriTN WRITING AnvERTlSEBS MENTION BTTTER FRUIT WHEN WRITING .DVERTIS"nS MENTION BETTER FRUIT

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