In the realm of outdoor living, landscape stone offers tremendous design potential! Comprised of many types and colors of gravel, large stones, and building stones, these masonry materials can help bring hardscapes, like patios or outdoor fireplace and seating areas, together. It can also help you create unique and surprisingly fun stand-alone features in your yard, like accent rocks, retaining walls, and walkways. With such expansive potential for use, it is wise to know where to begin to think about landscape stone.

Before deciding on where to use landscape stone, it is important to know what options you have. This is where a trip to a local concrete and stone store will help you. While it might seem like there cannot be much variety in rocks and stones, this assumption is far from the truth. Landscape stone gravels, for example, can be made of natural stones, like limestone. Accordingly, these come in grays and similar hues. You can also buy gravels made of chips of bricks. This type of gravel will be red, tan, white, or gray. Each type of gravel works well in different places in a yard, and talking to masonry and landscaping professionals will help you find the best material for your application. The best place to find such professionals is at your local masonry materials store.

While you are at the masonry materials store, be sure to ask them also about using landscape stone in your hardscape designs. Hardscapes refer to any outdoor living feature where you use stone and brick instead of plants and other softscape materials. Dream big while talking with professionals! Even in a small yard you can build outdoor fireplaces, water features, useful patios, and beautiful walkways. You may even dream of having an outdoor kitchen installed! You can also fill beds around trees with landscape stone (rather than smelly fillers like mulch). Additionally, filling with stone will slow the growth of weeds and prevent rot or mold which can occasionally occur with traditional mulches in high humidity areas.

Another way landscape stone can improve your outdoor living space is through the use of large, stand-alone features. On your trip to the masonry materials store, ask if they stock and deliver boulders or other stones. These can be placed around a yard as accent pieces, incorporated as part of larger flower and tree designs, and they also provide a unique play space for children. Imagine how much fun your children could have clambering up boulders in their own backyard! No need to take long hikes in the mountains! Forget expensive play sets! Just invite the neighbor kids over for some old-fashioned (adult supervised, of course) fun on natural landscape stones!

However you choose to use them, whether for accent rocks, walkways, retaining walls, or even an amazing outdoor kitchen or fireplace, landscape stones can increase the beauty and fun within your backyard. So, head on down to the stone supplier near you and ask them what they have for your special projects!

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