A garden centre supplier can provide your shop with everything that it needs from CCTV and Point of Sale terminals to fake grass and even Christmas tree stands. There are some items that a garden centre requires in the same way any other shop does but there are also specific items that are designed solely for use to help display plants and other garden related items. A garden centre supplier can offer all of these products and more enabling you to carry on with the job of running your garden centre and making sales.
Security And Point Of Sale Display
Security in garden centres is important. Takings should be kept safe until they can be transported to the bank while tills, which may be used in the garden centre itself as well as in coffee shops and farm houses, not only need to be safe but they need to be easy to use. Displays placed at the till are a great way of persuading people to spend a little more money making this area a suitable space to promote hot products.

Farm Shops, Cafes, And Restaurants
Modern garden centres tend to sell more than plants and flowers. Farm shops can prove a great additional money spinner selling local produce or high quality, high ticket food and drink items. Coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants are also a popular addition and a well stocked garden centre supplier can provide the fittings and fixtures to fill such areas and to promote them around your shop.

In terms of practicality, garden centre suppliers can garnish your store with the types of items that every shop needs to remain safe and offer a safe environment to customers. It can also offer uniforms and janitorial supplies so that the garden centre can be kept safe, welcoming, and good looking.
Making The Most Of Your Space
Running any type of retail outlet means making the most of every opportunity. From branding your uniforms to offering high quality leaflets and promotional goods everything you do will leave some kind of impression on your customers. With a reliable and trusted garden centre supplier you can ensure that this impression is a positive one.

Dunsdale Group is a high quality garden centre supplier providing everything from janitorial to point of sale displays and even mannequins to help make the most of your garden centre.

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New Gardener’s Guide to Shopping at a Garden Center

What’s the best value for your dollar when buying annual plants? How many broccoli plants do you need for a family of four?
What kind of containers do you buy when you garden on a balcony?
Garden expert, Shirley Bovshow takes new gardeners, Ari and Emma on a tour of a garden center and offers tips on how to buy gardening essentials and introduces them to the most common “garden supermarket departments” that all garden shoppers should be aware of!
New to gardening? Don’t spend one dollar until you watch this guide to shopping at a garden center!

“Way to Grow”
Garden designer Shirley Bovshow and her two apprentices, comedians Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, take you through the basics with a fun Gardening 101 series.
Shirley brings the expertise; Ari and Emma bring the cluelessness.
If Shirley can teach them to garden, she can definitely teach you!

Featuring: Shirley Bovshow, Ariana Siegel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

DP: Nathan Blair

Sound: Chris Hall
Editor: Melyssa Vazquez
Taped at Green Thumb Nursery, Canoga Park, California.

Have any gardening questions for Shirley? Leave your comments below and Shirley will answer them.

More from Shirley: http://Youtube.com/user/ShirleyBovshow

Shirley Bovshow’s funny, warm and accessible personality made her a garden television favorite in North America as the co-host and designer of the “Garden Police” makeover show on the Discovery Home channel and popular expert on HGTV, Style Network, USA, and other major national media outlets. Based in hot, dry, Los Angeles, Shirley shares design ideas and makeovers from her professional landscaping projects on her top rated, “Eden Makers Blog” , HGTV.com. Houzz.com and her new blog, Foodie Gardener. Shirley has partnered with professional producers, writers and editors from garden television to produce multiple original garden video series for the web. Her shows include the international, “Garden World Report,” “Garden Center TV”, and “Garden Makeover TV.”

More from Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine can be found at www.youtube.com/user/ariANDemma

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