Backyard gardening is on the rise.  Many homeowners who never before considered a garden are now taking up shovels, spades, and watering cans in order to reap the benefits that go hand in hand with growing and tending a garden.  Gardening is not only a way to create something beautiful for people and animals to enjoy, it is a practical way to provide the family with fresh and nutritionally superior produce.  Gardening also offers many health benefits that include increased strength and stamina, decreased stress, and improved flexibility.

Gardening without a Backyard

If you live in an apartment, condo, or other small space, though, you may believe that gardening is not an option for you.  How can gardening be accomplished when there is no backyard in which to plant?  Apartment dwellers can still enjoy the advantages that come with gardening because it can be done on a smaller scale.  Container gardening allows you to create beautiful landscapes in miniature that can be easily maintained next to a sunny window, on a balcony, or in a window box.

How to Choose Your Garden Planters

Choosing the right garden planters for your container garden depends on how much space you have available.  First, consider the size of the area where the garden planters will be located.  Then, decide which shape would work best — square, rectangle, or circle.  What material do you want to use — clay, metal, natural wood, or sturdy resin?  Be sure that the garden planters you select are safe for growing edible plants, if that is your goal. 

Planning Your Miniature Garden

After you have selected your garden planters, decide what you would like to grow in your new garden.  Containers can support a wide variety of plants, including flowers, vines, grasses, small shrubs, vegetables, and herbs.  Not all plants like to live in containers, though, so be sure to select varieties that are known to be suitable container plants.  Combining different plants in a container provides visual interest: choose plants of varying sizes, colors, and textures to give your container the feel of a “bouquet.”  Be sure to choose plants with the same or similar lighting and watering requirements to ensure that each plant is cared for properly.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of growing and tending a garden.  In fact, container gardening offers some additional benefits not usually found with traditional gardening.  Small scale gardening using garden planters costs less and requires less upkeep than larger outdoor gardens, so not only can you enjoy the health benefits of gardening, you can also enjoy the time and money you’ll save in the process.

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DIY: Self-Watering Container Garden

The benefits of container gardens is that they are very water-efficient. Plants receive their water from the water reservoir below the soil so they can get as much water as they need and no water is wasted through evaporation. Since plants are free to take as much water as the want, they are never stressed for water which results in better tasting fruits and vegetables. In addition, with the water reservoir there is no need to constantly water your plants and it’s easy to leave your plants when on vacation, particularly if you set your hose on a timer.

(By the way, our first container garden contained tomatoes and I had to leave for 3 weeks. Even with no access to a hose, I figured out a way to water the tomatoes while I was out of town. Comment or message me if you’d like to know how I did it).

Now, there are many different designs on how to make container gardens. My husband first made one using mesh baskets which he had to cut up and place upside down in a container…and sometimes after all that work, it wouldn’t work as the container would collapse. He found a better solution using corrugated drain pipe and he was really excited as it was very easy to build compared to his previous container gardens.

The total price of the materials will be over $50, but you’ll have plenty of extra flex pipe and corrugated drain pipe for additional container gardens.

Here are the materials he used:

Commander 27-Gallon Tote

FLEX-Drain Corrugated Pipe with Filter Sock 4″ x 25′

10′ Orbit Polyethylene Riser Flex Pipe

Apollo 3/4″ Polyethylene Drip Irrigation Elbow

Apollo 3/4″ PVC Drip Irrigation Female Adapter

Miracle-Gro 64 qt. Moisture Control Potting Mix


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