If you are in the market to acquire are new walk behind lawn mower then keep reading, within this article I will give details why battery powered lawn mowers and at the present a valid alternative for you. There have been many advances in design, battery run time and electrical motor performance. An added advantage has been price; no longer do you have to pay twofold that of a petrol walk behind mower, now you can come across Cordless lawn mowers roughly the similar price or below the price of petrol mowers.

Lawn mower manufactures have taken note of the popularity of the “environmental” group and are at the moment placing their companies to be ahead of there competitors in this technology. Through this healthy competition each lawn mower manufacture wants to out perform their competitor which has resulted in lots of benefits to consumers of these Eco friendly mowers. Apart from the performance plus battery life these mowers have become well-liked by the environmentally conscious gardener as a approach of reducing their carbon foot print in addition to doing their part to stop environmental global warming

When Cordless lawn mowers where first introduced they where powered by 12v batteries, these batteries where limiting the run time and the performance of the electric motor, todays cordless mowers and powered by powerful 36v batteries and motors. Along with recent knowledge in electric motors for example “permanent magnets” plus “brushless motor” designs has better their mowing power operation to rival that of petrol lawn mowers. No longer are they believed to be plastic toys, but true solutions to regular petrol mower.

Advantages of battery powered lawn mowers there are no unsafe petrol or gas fumes, low repair, no high-priced tune ups, reduces noise pollution plus you will get not as much of complaints from the neighbors, no more spilling and mixing fuels, they are battery-operated. No electrical lead to worry about like corded electric mowers, nearly all models include a removable battery making it straightforward to charge the battery, very effortless to commence, merely press a switch. No more straining your arm on pulling a cord, they are ideal for garden areas normal of up to a 1/4 acre house site, zilch emission aid to lessen carbon foot print as well as held the environment.

There are further more sensible factors, they are a lot more simpler and easier to start no more straining your arm pulling at a cable, simply flick the lever and away you go. The majority models have removable batteries thus you can plug them into the charger where ever is more convenient for you. Unlike electric mowers with an electrical extension cord you do not have the hassle of an electric lead to be troubled about when lawn mowing. Battery lawn mowers include the similar features you would discover on any standard lawn mower, like mulching options, side chute as well as bagging solutions even rear drive self driven electric walk behind mowers. With the standard lawn being acre in dimension an electric walk behind mowers would without difficulty be able to take care of you lawn mowing requirements. These Eco mowers are for the most part well-matched for folks who own a small acre blocks or smaller plus they would certainly be able to take care of you cutting needs.

We have finished some research and have come up with the 3 most best rated electric walk behind mowers. The scores is based on hundreds of customer’s evaluations and score who have purchased and used the mower. All the mowers featured on our web page have an over all rating of 4 stars or more out of 5.

In the event you would like further info go to our web site Walk Behind Mower. You will find many reviews along with demonstrations. You will also discover comments plus video reviews of each cordless lawn mower featured on our review site.

Petrol lawn mower by Henry Porter
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Mountfield SP414 Petrol Lawnmower Self Propelled Mower Petrol Engine Grass Catcher Buying Guide

Garden Lawnmowers Direct, http://www.gardenlawnmowersdirect.co.uk has produced this one minute video to show you the Mountfield SP414 Lawnmower in action. Find out why this is one of Garden Lawnmowers Direct best selling mowers. For more information please visit the website www.gardenlawnmowersdirect.co.uk or call 01360 661526. We deliver free nationwide in mainland Britain.

Lawnmower Specifications
Self propelled
39cm cutting width
40 litre grass catcher
1 year warranty