What is an electric lawn mower?

While the traditional lawnmowers use gas, electric lawn mowers are the type that use electricity as an alternative. Unlike gasoline lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers are less noisy and lighter. Another upgrade of the electric type is that it has an on/off button instead of a pull cord for the motor. It may seem that the electric lawn mowers are more expensive but if you count all the money you’ll save on gas money and maintenance expenses, the gas-powered will end up more expensive. Electric lawn mowers come in two types, electric cordless lawn mowers or corded lawn mowers.

Corded lawn mowers cannot be used without it being connected to a electric socket making them less useful in very wide areas. If the section to be mowed is only limited, that is when electric lawn mowers are best used. An extension can be used if the area to be mowed are far from the electric socket to make it reach the target area. If you don’t want to be disturbed by empty batteries but also don’t like the noise, pollution and maintenance cost of gas-powered lawn mowers, the corded lawn mower is for you.

The cordless electric lawn mower is for you if you don’t mind charging. In contrast to the corded variety, the cordless electric lawn mowers don need to be plugged in all the time but you do need to charge it before using it. It can be used in the absence of a cord, but the length of usage may not be long enough if the area to be mowed is too large.

At mint condition, good electric cordless lawn mowers can run for forty-five minutes to one hour, but the battery’s charging performance will not be as long the older it is. For this type of electric lawn mower, you may need to charge it multiple times before completing large projects like a very wide front yard, but for small lawns, they can be very handy and less dangerous than their gas-powered counterparts. Some brands also use detachable batteries making it possible for you to have a spare battery ready for use in case the one attached will run out.

Look for this feature if you want to buy a brand new electric corded lawn mower. To know if the lawn mower you are buying will serve its purpose, check some electric lawn mower reviews first. You should check the features very well because there may be differences in specs such as battery life, cutting power and durability. Remember that lawn mowers are outdoor equipments so they should be very tough tools.

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