With the invention of electric cigarettes, the problems created by smoking are minimized to a great extent. The electric cigarettes are the effective means of providing the body the required amount of nicotine. It can help those users who want to quit smoking. The electric cigarettes, also known as the e-cigs can be considered as the most effective means of taking nicotine, which is a major constituent of tobacco cigarettes.

Appearance like an ordinary cigarette
The outer look of the electric cigarette is just like the ordinary tobacco cigarette. It gives the users a confidence and satisfaction. These electric cigarettes are very easy to use and do not require ignition. The tip of the electric cigarette lights as red color and the heater is situated deep inside it. The smoke that issues from inside the cigarette expels vapors, which give smoke appearance and create even more original look to the cigarette.

The e-cigs are safe to use and can be taken without any hesitation. They do not require ignition to start up and do not give off carcinogenic stuff in their smoke. As they are not lit by fire, they are extremely safe as compared with the ordinary tobacco cigarette.

Using the tobacco cigarette is a very expensive and rather dangerous way to smoke. The e-cigs, on one hand, provide protection from the harmful and dangerous substances given off from cigarette smoke, on the other hand, also prove to be inexpensive as compared with the ordinary cigarettes. The cartilage responsible for the specific flavor is to be replaced after years. It saves almost 80% of the money spent on tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, another attractive feature of electric cigarettes is that they do not cost much.

The working or mechanism of the e-cigs is very sophisticated and has delicate machinery. It is battery powered. It is very safe to use as the risk of fire is eliminated. Secondly, the carcinogenic substances given off from the tobacco cigarette as smoke are excluded in electric cigarette. The smoke arising from electric cigarette is vapors only. These are meant to give true cigarette appearance to it.

Various Flavors
Various flavors have been offered depending upon the mood and choice of the user. As for instance, user can have coffee flavor before or after breakfast, fruit flavor after meals and tobacco flavor at any time depending upon their need.


The electric cigarette can be considered as the best alternative for tobacco cigarettes and is not harmful at all – electronic cigarette.

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Image from page 886 of “Hardware merchandising January-June 1898” (1898)
Identifier: hardwaremerjanjun1898toro
Title: Hardware merchandising January-June 1898
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Subjects: Hardware industry Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
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Text Appearing Before Image:
htness, Durability, Easy and Noise-less Running and Perfect Working. The latest and best mower on the market. Its great advantages over all others : 1. The one wheel gear. 2. The front cut.3. Simple manner ot adjusting.4. The absence ot trailing wood roller. For full particulars, prices, etc., write THE STEVENS NIANFG. CO., London, Ont. If you handle these lines yourtrade will be brisk. QUICK MEAL Blue Flame Oil and Gasoline Stoves have a continental reputation for reliable worth. Theyre famous sellers, attractive, trustworthy andeconomical, in a full line of styles and sizes to suit allneeds. Send at once for catalogue and price list, your stock isnot complete without them. We are sole Canadian Agents. We are filling orders for our 98 Oxford Gas Range Both ovens i6x i6x nj4 , Reversible Oven Burners ;Flush Top; Quick Opening Valves, and other notable fea-tures, at a reduced price. Let Us Hear From You! The Gurney Foundry Go,, Limited, Toronto The Gurney-Massey Co., Limited, Montreal.

Text Appearing After Image:
14 HARDWARE AND METAL f THE HOLYOKE OF CANADA. SOME misconception having existedregarding the enlargements, improve-ments, etc., to the Eddy Works, atHull, the Ottawa correspondent of Hard-ware and Metal called on Mr. Eddy, personally, and learned |haf the large newarehouse built on the site of what wasold times the sash-factory yard, and more re-cently used for the storage of linens, rags,rope and other papermaking stock, is fin-ished and ready for indurated fibreware andantiseptic fibreware. The antiseptic fibre-ware plant is completed, and turning outfine goods. The enlargement of the present and theerection of the new addition to the match-factory is well under way. The company is making extensive im-provements and enlarging its paper plant,with the most improved and modern Four-drinier paper machines, and the latest im-proved Corliss steam-engines. The electric roads have shunting and sid-ing tracks into all parts of Eddys works tobring cars to and from the various railways,direc

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