Documentary on the terrace vegetable garden

Documentary on the terrace vegetable garden by Harikumar, Mavelikkara

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In order to eat less "FRaNkEnFOodS" (thanks for the term Rob) from our benevolent plant and seed alteration companies my wife and I tend to our veggie, herb and fruit garden each year. This year has been especially tough with the lack of rain and heat so early. The plants seem to really like the rain water versus what we bring up from our well. With being in one of the driest years on record the garden is not doing well this year.

The wide angle lens distorts the perspective here but these are only 5’x8′ raised beds. Each year we talk about how to expand but have not done it yet. Plans include cutting a section of the fence out in back and putting in a greenhouse and putting in separate herb garden on the other side of the property. The tall fencing keeps the deer and larger varmints out. The little bunnies and birds can still get in — working on that too. Soon chickens will be added to rid the garden periphery of bugs and for the eggs too of course. Just to the left out of the frame is our compost pile that replenishes the garden every season.


This oscote365 set is my picture a day (PAD) for a year where the only stipulation is that I am standing on our land. The goal is deepen my appreciation for and connection to this little piece of land we live upon through seeing it better via photography.

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By Don J Schulte on 2011-05-16 09:39:12