A machine which is used to cut the grasses at your lawn at an even length with help of its revolving blades is known as Lawn Mower. Depending on the mode of operation, lawn mowers are known with different names. If the blade rotates about a vertical axis, it is known as rotary mower whereas if the blade rotates about the horizontal axis, it is called a reel mower.

Due to various factors like reason of usage, budget and effectiveness, the design of these lawn mowers also vary. In general, there are three such types:

 Lawn Mowers which can be pushed by human being are the smallest and are perfectly suitable with residential gardens or lawns.

 If you own a large commercial garden, lawn or park, the ride on mowers is the best available option for you. These are large in size and are self contained as well.

 Multi Gang mowers, the ones which are pulled behind tractor are the largest of all the lawn mowers. This work well in the municipal parks or maybe in a golf course.

If you have used a lawn mower before, you must be aware that there is always a frequent requirement to change the different parts of the mower as these get worn out for the constant usage. If you have not used any as of yet, make sure you learn about the different lawn mower parts right now. When you buy a new lawn mower, make sure all these parts are in perfect condition so that you get the full efficiency. Here are the different parts of a lawn mower:

Lawn Mower Blades
Undoubtedly the most important part of a lawn mower, the blades need to be sharp for a mower to work at its best. In case of lawn mower blades, size does matter. It will vary according to the requirement of the buyer and most common ones range from something in between 19″ and 22″. Make sure the size of shank (The part art of the motor shaft beneath the lawn mower where the blade attaches itself) goes along with the diameter of the hole around the center of the mower blade. Any exception to this and you will not be able to fit the blade properly.

The blade must be made of hard steel and it should be allowed to be sharpened several times. Most commonly, these blades have only one sharp edge at one side and both the ends are a bit bent. The mowers are used to lift, suction and mulch the grass. The mulching blade is different from the ones used for lifting or cutting with a wider and deeper bend on the twain ends along with a more acute edge.

Clutch Handle
Another important part of your lawn mower, clutch handles are often broken by mistake, but these are quite easy to reinstall as well.

Roller Chain
This is installed inside the mower and the rotation of the blades along a circular path is controlled by this chain.

Lawn Mower Covers
This has an elastic shock cord in the bottom hem of the mower. It covers the mower and makes sure it does not get affected due to dust, rain or tree sap. The fabric used to coat has repelling and water resistance capacity.

The belts vary due to the width and length and are available at various widths like 3/8, ½ or 5/8 inches.

There are different types of lawn mower tires like ribbed tires, bar tread tires, turf tires and slick tires.
Other than all these mentioned, there are several other parts of a lawn mower as well like:
 Pulleys
 Mulching Kits
 Battery Charger & Tester
 Anti Slip Tape
 Clutch Key
 Straight Key Stock
 Shredder Bag
 Grass Catcher Assembly

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Lawn Mower
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