The options for lawn mowers have expanded considerably in the last few years and electric models are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays their performance is comparable to the petrol models and they are easier to maintain and much more environmentally friendly as they do not produce noxious fumes. A petrol mower needs maintaining in the same way as the engine in a car but an electric mower is almost maintenance free. So, if you are thinking of buying an electric lawn mower you have the choice of two options, a corded or a cordless model. What are the advantages of each and which models are good buys?

Should you buy a corded or a cordless model?

The first thing to consider is the size of the lawn and the distance of the furthest point from a power source. Most models can only be operated at a distance of 100 feet. In addition if your lawn has many obstacles such as trees and benches trailing a cord around them can be a problem and you need to take care not to mow over the cord! A cordless model can be used at any distance from the house of course but is limited in the area that can be mowed from one recharge. All electric models are quiet and have a good range of features. Although cordless models were less than satisfactory in the past performance has increased enormously so they are now as efficient as the corded models. It would be a good idea to check up on the area that can be cut from one recharge for the model you are thinking of purchasing to make sure it can deal with your whole lawn as this can vary considerably.

Overall cordless models are well liked by most people who do not have very large lawns to mow as they are versatile and easy to use and maintain. They are easy and cheap to recharge although the batteries will need replacing every few years although many of the newer lithium ion batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times.

Options and Models Available

Many of the cordless models include side discharge, mulching and bagging options. Adjusting the cutting height is easier if you choose one with a single lever adjustment. The Bosch Rotak 43 cuts 600 m² on one recharge and has fast recharge of 80% in thirty minutes or full recharge in an hour. It can cut very close to walls and flower beds etc so there is no need to use an edge trimmer and it is 40% lighter than most cordless lawn mowers. A single lever controls cutting height adjustment and the batteries are lithium ion that weigh just over 1 kg each. Because it is light it is very suitable for older homeowners and can easily be moved from the front to the back lawn!


Cordless lawn mowers have improved in both performance and battery life considerably in the last few years and are now a very real option to petrol or corded models. For convenience and versatility they are a good buy and will make mowing the lawn, if not quite a pleasure, at least less of a chore!

For more information on all makes of cordless and corded electric lawn mowers and some good deals visit Cordless Lawn Mower Sales or Bosch Rotak 43 Lithium Ion

Image from page 83 of “1909 Griffith and Turner Co. : farm and garden supplies” (1909)
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Authors: Griffith and Turner Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Agricultural implements Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs
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80 ^ GRIFFITH <a TURNE-R CO ^ Regular. 10 ln…$3.iJ5′ 12 in.. 14 in.. 16 in.. 18 in.. , . 3.50 3.75 4.00 4.25 New Norka Mower Do not class with the cheap low-wheel machines.

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Ball Bearing. 14 in.. .$4.75 16 in.. . 5.00 18 in.. . 5.25 9-INCH WHEEL. Pawl and pinion at- tachment thorou g !i 1 y tested; one of the best. Ratchet Clutch, cast ^^^^ solid with pinion; no extra pieces to break or get out of order. CALUMET MOWER. Low priced and good. 12 in., $2.50. 14 in., $2.75. 16 in., $3.00. "NEW ELECTRIC" MOWER Wheels 9 inches diameter. Reel 5% inches diameter. Four blades. Special Bali-Bearing Adjustment, high-grade hard- ened steel balls, cups and cones, ground, polished and dust- proof. Reel Shaft cold rolled Steel, Reel Knives best grade Knife Steel, perfectly ground. Regular. Ball Bearing. 12 in. ..$4.50 16 in. ..$5.00 12 in…$5.50 16 in. ..$6.00 14 in… 4.75 18 in… 5.25 14 in… 5.75 18-in… 6.25 ( I NEW DIAMOND" LAWN MOWER Regular. 14 inches. . .$6.50 16 inches. . . 7.00 18 inches. . . 7.50 20 Inches. .. 8.00 Ball Bearing. 14 inches . . $7.50 16 inches. . . 8.00 18 inches. . . 8.50 20 inches. .. 9.00

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Best Lawn Mower Under $200 – $100 – Top 5 – Best Cheap Lawn Mower 2016

Best cheap lawn mower 2016 – Top 5 – Best lawn mower under $200 – $100:
1. GreenWorks 25022 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower: (Amazon)

– 12 Amp Electric Motor delivers enough power to cut through the toughest grass
– Durable steel 20-Inch cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently
– 3-in-1 feature provides multiple options for grass clippings from rear bagging, side discharge and mulching capabilities for versatile needs
– 7 position height adjustment offers a range of cutting height from 1 1/2-Inch to 3 3/4-Inch for the perfect cut on all grass types
– Wide 10-Inch rear wheels and 7-Inch front wheels. Please lift the rear discharge cover to find the mulching plug.

2. Earthwise 50220 20-Inch 12 Amp Side 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower: (Amazon)

– 3 in 1 – Side Discharge – Mulch – Rear Bag
– Single Lever Height Adjustment 1 1/2-Inch to 4-Inch
– Easy On and Off Mulch Plug and Bag
– Comfort V Handle with Cushion Grip
– 7-Inch Front Wheels and 9-1/2-Inch Rear Wheels

The Earthwise 20-Inch Corded Electric lawn Mower requires no gas, no oil, no fumes and starts every time. The 3 in 1 system has a side discharge, mulches or you can rear bag your clippings. A single lever height adjustment makes it easy to change the mowing height for a professionally cut lawn. The 20-Inch Earthwise corded mower is the clean air choice.

3. GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher: (Amazon)

– Robust 10 Amp motor delivers comparable power to gas powered dethatcher without the hassle
– 14-Inch dethatching path gets your work done faster
– 3-position tine depth adjustment provides greater control by removing matted layers to promote continued lawn health
– Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performance, also includes full set of replacement tines for a total of 36 tines.
– Ergonomic, padded grip and adjustable handle for user comfort
– ZERO carbon footprint

4. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher: (Amazon)

– Easy push button start; no messy oils or gasoline
– Three-position height adjustment up to 2-2/5 inches
– Compact design is easy to maneuver and takes up less storage space
– Hard-top grass catcher detaches easily for convenient disposal

An ideal choice for keeping small lawns neatly groomed, the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E features a powerful 12 amp motor that delivers dependable performance. Because it runs on electricity rather than gas, this mower is easy to maintain–it never requires messy fill-ups or oil changes, and there’s no need to worry about expensive tune-ups.
With this electric design, the mower offers no-hassle start-ups. You simply push a button and the mower’s ready to go–no frustrating, arm-wrenching pull starts required. The mower also features a safety lock-off button, which prevents accidental starting. It’s designed for use with a 14-gauge outdoor extension cord.

5. Great States 415-16 16-Inch Standard Push Reel Lawn Mower: (Amazon)

Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower With T-Style Handle And Heat Treated Blades:

– 16-inch cutting width
– 10-inch ball bearing wheels
– Easy height adjust from 1/2-inch to 2-3/4-inch
– Powder coated finished handle lasts longer and prevents rust
– Heat treated blades stay sharp longer, making a quality cut

The power source behind Great States mowers hasn’t changed much in 100 years. It’s still readily available on demand. You can still fuel it for the price of a banana and a glass of milk. It always works when you want it to, and it doesn’t leave any residue for the environment to absorb other than a couple of foot prints in a perfectly cut lawn.

This was the best cheap lawn mower top 5, all under 200$ and 100$ (note that pricing may change over time)