Container Gardening How to Use a Potting Soil Bags as the “pot”

An herbalist demonstrates how using custom printed potting soil bags can aid in growing vegetables. This technique is perfect for the beginning gardener, children or in a home that has very little growing area. It is great because it is very care free in terms of both the amount of work and the small mess it leaves. Take the 40lb to 50lb bag of soil and poke holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. Please take care if you are using a sharp knife. On the top side of the bag, make a few “X” cuts where the plants will go. Allow enough room for the roots and root ball. Water the plant just enough to get it started. After the growing season is over simply reuse the soil from the bag out in a larger garden or yard and then recycle the bag. Gardening like this is excellent because you don’t need to use pots and people will be sure to ask you how you came up with the idea. Each potting soil bag will accommodate 5 to 6 plants. see for custom printed potting soil bags

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