Lawn owners end up spending too much of money on lawn maintenance. With a little care and caution, they can avoid some simple mistakes that are mentioned below. This will also help them save money in the long run.

First and foremost refrain from mowing your lawn too low. It is important that you leave at least one third of the grass blade and not go in for too low mowing. This could lead to the grass getting stressed and it will take time to grow. A very important plant function which is photosynthesis also gets affected due to low mowing. Weeding is another problem that can also result due to this activity and this will take a toll on the overall health of your lawn.

Over watering of the lawn can result in problems for your lawn. Make use of sprinkler systems which are effective in conserving and ensuring that the right quantity of water is used. This action from your side is also good for the environment and will also reduce your water bill.

Adopting the right fertiliser applications that contain the right amount of nutrients like nitrogen would help a great deal. Remember though that excessive amount of nitrogen in the fertiliser will burn your lawn. It is very important to read the instructions given on the fertiliser packets, so that you do not overspray your lawn. Make sure you are using the lawn care applications with the right settings.

The right lawn maintenance also implies that you should use pesticides in the right quantities. Reading the label is the most important rule and one should never ignore this important instruction. Pesticides are toxic substances and need to be used in the appropriate quantities or else it could have serious repercussions. If you have any doubts regarding this, speak to professional pest control agents or representatives.

Bad soil is often the main cause of all lawn related problems. All the money, efforts, the best products will not be able to make your lawn healthy, if the soil is not good. Getting your soil tested should be another task that needs to be taken.

Lawn maintenance procedures need to be performed at the precise time. Applications such as aerating the soil, weed control, fertilising and so on need to take place at the stipulated time. The climate and the other seasonal factors also have an effect on the soil.

There are grasses of varied types like cool season grass and warm season grass. They need to be planted at the correct location.

Excessive thatching will prevent the nutrients and water from going deep into the roots. This is unhealthy for the plants and it prevent your lawn from remaining healthy. They can also invite a number of plant diseases. It is therefore important to de-thatch as well as aerate your lawn once annually.

A perfect lawn is thus something that is not difficult to achieve with appropriate lawn maintenance steps.

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The owner of a Cooper Cyclo-Mo enjoys the safest and most effortless cutting per- formance, be it a fine lawn or toughest weeds. The front chute sprays clippings evenly with- out windrowing or clogging. Ball-bearing wheels, minimum weight and perfect balance mean the end of lawn maintenance as a chore. Wheels are wide-spread on left side for trim- ming flush to fences, trees and walls—close- coupled on opposite side to prevent blade from gouging turf on uneven ground and terraces. 3 H.P., 20-in. cut. Recoil starter. ..S102 95 lYl H.P., 18-in. cut. Recoil starter. . 92 50 18-in. Leaf Mulch Attachment 3 50 20-in. Leaf Mulch Attachment 3 50 Cooper Self-Propelled Cyclo- Mo Rotary Mower Rear wheel drive, operates with equal ease on level ground, hills or terraces. Simple, fool-proof V-belt drive—no high speed gears. Differential action of time- jproved Klipper drive wheels for long and easier ma- neuvering. Equipped with new powerful 3 H.P. Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle engine. Recoil starter. Instant fin- ger-tip control for "in and out of gear" for backward motion. Height adjustment 1 }4 to 3 in. Cooper Cyclo- Mo offset wheels eliminate all scalping. 21-in. cut. 154.95. Leaf Mulch at- tachment. S2.50. Cooper ‘Edge *n Trim

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