Whether you are starting your own gym, want to upgrade your equipment or want a quality exercise machine for home then commercial gym equipment is for you. Gym equipment is not only used by people to look fabulous and fit. Many people who had suffered from stroke, accidents, slipped disk, and other diseases which require rehabilitation used different kinds of these gym machines to get back in shape and strengthen their muscles.

In this day and age, more and more people are becoming health conscious. With this, fitness gyms and wellness centers are among popular destinations of health buffs and figure conscious. This means that the gym equipment you buy must be able to handle the rigors of frequent use (and abuse). Commercial fitness equipment is designed to cope with this type of use.

There are different types of commercial gym equipments to choose from. Among the popular commercial gym equipment are treadmills, bicycles, steppers, and elliptical. Each of these machines is designed to target different areas of the body.

Treadmills– For your basic workout, treadmills are the most popular and the most versatile. You can choose the level of difficulty depending on your capabilities and endurance. This is a great cardiovascular exercise as well as amazing if you want to burn excess fats.
Stationary Bicycles– Even though this type of exercise machine does not move, they can still give you a powerful fat burning workout. Steppers- This type of equipment is used for advanced gym enthusiasts already. This can make you easily exhausted and increase your heart rate quickly. Be sure to ask you trainer before purchasing this one.
Elliptical Trainers– If you are looking for commercial gym equipment which is easy on your joints, the elliptical trainer, or simply elliptical, is perfect for you. You can run or walk with this machine depending on your capacity There are many services that can provide this type of commercial gym equipment including; leasing companies, fitness equipment manufactures and suppliers. You can also buy used exercise machines from gyms that are closing down or upgrading to save some money!

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Dec 1941 – “Bourke Street Looking To Parliament House, Melbourne, Vic.”, Australia – rare, vintage real photo post card – circa 1940s
Xmas postcard sent to Australian Army Driver Tom Beazley of 1/2 Movement Control Group, Middle East Headquarters (Cairo), 2nd Australian Imperial Force, from his mum, living in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.

Digitized by myself at high resolution & fully restored (with a touch of duo-tone to give better building definition) from the badly rubbed, scratched & faded original photo post card, using Adobe Photoshop Creative Studio 8.0 (note – reproduction of this postcard is no longer restricted by commercial Copyright).

The original glass slide image that this particular post card was published from was produced by the Rose Stereograph Co. A few other postcard versions were also published. The original image is no longer restricted by any form of Copyright (reason – unknown exact date of publishing & before 1955).

As for my own substantial restoration effort, the only Copyright I ask for if anyone wished to download & use this restoration in any way is for Public Attribution & No Derivatives.



View is looking north-east along Bourke Street from the Queen St intersection. The iconic GPO building (centre left) with clock tower (clock shows 4.26 PM) is on the corner of Elizabeth St. Many years later, the section of Bourke St from the GPO to Swanston St (the next intersection further on towards Parliament House in this pic) was closed to traffic & officially re-opened as a pedestrian mall in 1983 by Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Many commercial signs can be seen when zoomed in at the maximum image size, including (from far left clockwise to far right) – "Hoover", "Victoria Hotel", "Melb. Plant Market" (Cnr of Hardware St), "Beau Brummel Laundry" (van), "Rogur Tea with Gifts" (van), "Osram Lamps, Osram Valves, Firelli General Wires & Cables" (on the BGE building), "Warburton Framers", "Coles Garrard", "Myer" (iconic deco Myer building), "Buckleys", "Foys Mens Wear", "Hoyts" (movie cinema), "Lombards", "Horderns", "Lyceum" (theatre), "Tivoli" (theatre), "Liberty" (finance), "Coles" (general store), "Dunklings" (jewelry), "T. Gaunt & Co." (watchmaker & jeweller), "London Stores" (cnr of Elizabeth St – homewares), "Halls Bookshop", "Hardware Co. Of Australia Pty Ltd" (sign on tricycle being ridden by man with a hat), "Bergers Paint Depot", "Thomas Evans Pty Ltd" (manufacturers & importers), "Scott Bonner Pty Ltd" (lawn mowing equipment) & lastly, "Film House".

Melbourne double decker bus, registration AT-220 is seen at front left of pic.
By aussiejeff on 1940-01-01 00:00:00
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Top 10 Tips For Buying A New Commercial Lawn Mower

Hey gang, here are my “Top 10 Tips For Buying A New Lawn Mower”! I wanted to share my top 10 suggestions for evaluating purchasing a new piece of equipment. Hopefully this helps some of you guys when purchasing a new lawn mower this spring.

Did I miss any tips or do you have any suggestions for when it comes to buying a new lawn mower? Leave a comment down below, and maybe this can be a resource for other guys getting into lawn care!

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