Either you’ve already purchased your concrete block making machines, or you’re in the process of doing so. Chances are, you’re going to need to make blocks or paving stones of specific shapes, sizes and lengths. While most machines may only be tooled to produce items in a limited range of shapes, adding molds increases functionality and versatility. Because of this, you give the capability for the same equipment to perform many different jobs. Vendors such as Global Machine Market ensure that they carry a multifarious array of these so that you can produce several kinds of blocks or stones.

What Kinds of Molds Do You Need?

The types of molds you must acquire for your equipment depends largely on its purpose. You might need blocks and paving stones for construction or landscaping purposes. Many of these come in two pieces–the mold body itself and the lid to enclose the concrete inside while the block or stone forms. Vendors such as Global Machine Market meet or exceed industry standards, and are heat-treated for the task to withstand the high temperatures at which the concrete must be brought to harden.

Welded in or Bolted Together?

You may find molds that come in a couple of different options for your concrete block making machine. One-piece types welded molds come with both the inner liners and mold frame welded together. While the first logical conclusion is that these are better than their two-piece bolted together cousins, you must consider the nature of your processes before deciding. Some factors to think about include the volume of items you’ll be producing, the type of machine you use, the height of the finished products and your budget. While welded-in varieties have a lower purchase cost, you’ll have the replace the entire mold if anything malfunctions or breaks. In contrast, bolted-together versions such as those available from Global Machine Market allow you to replace either the liner or the frame separately without purchasing an entirely new mold.

Pre-Fabricated or Custom-Created?

Although some pre-crafted versions can be bought, equipment sellers often offer custom-made items tooled especially for the type of items you must produce. Which you buy, again, depends on what you need. While pre-fabricated versions can be much easier to obtain, you don’t have the versatility with them that a custom-made mold can give you. Only you can best determine what molds will suit your operations, but it doesn’t hurt to consult with the vendor from which you purchase your concrete block making machines for advice. The best companies should be able to offer you a wide range of options for your equipment.

Molds to Match Your Operational Needs

While most concrete block makers are constructed to make blocks in typical shapes and sizes, customization is always possible. That’s because specially-created molds are available to pour and form any kind of block or paving stone that you require. Surveying your needs first is a good idea before going shopping, and don’t be afraid to ask your vendor for custom-made molds suited to your projects. Consider your budget and production needs before the consultation, and you’ll be better able to select the right molds for your machinery.

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