Callaways sets are usually at the top of the wish list when golfers are shopping for new clubs. Chosen and used by amateurs and professionals alike. Callaway have a proven track record that sets them apart from most and its no wonder why they are such a sought after club. Taking advantage of all of their significant advances in design, Callaway sets have something to offer to golfers of any level.

The first Callaway set considered by many is the Big Bertha line of irons, hybrids, drivers and woods. One of the most impressive from the Callaway range is The Big Bertha Diablo Driver it features two models with an optimized center of gravity for any swing style. This Callaway set also features the Diablo hybrids, designed for stability and forgiveness in all kinds of terrain. The Big Bertha Fairway Woods round out this Callaway set, incorporating all of their impressive technology and design giving great distance, accuracy and control.

Also consider the FT range. With both standard and Tour models, Callaway’s FT range of clubs never fails to impress. Users speak highly of the accuracy, sound and feel of the drivers. The Callaway FT set really shines in the iron range. The FT irons make clear their distinction from others with a solid feel, consistent accuracy and one of the best Callaway sets to invest in for your golfing, Pro or Am.

Thirdly you would be crazy not to consider the X series when shopping for Callaway sets. With an MOI 10% higher than previously offered clubs, Callaway has put a lot of time, effort and science into this set of irons. The Callaway X series is a very sharp looking series in the Callaway sets. How clubs look is often overlooked. If your playing with equipment that looks good, you feel good and then you are going to perform at your best level more consistently. Rated amongst the best and most accessible irons their flight distance says it all. They are offered in both steel and graphite and cater to all variations and standards of performance.

When you are shopping for golf clubs aim to include a deep look into Callaway sets. You don’t see these guys all over the Pro Tours, in every shop and website for no reason. The Big Bertha, FT and X series are an outstanding range of clubs and Callaway sets to pick and choose from. Choose carefully and research into every club, although not tailor made, the range of Callaway sets has something that tailors for everyone.

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How to Assemble a Gardening Tool Set

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Most jobs get easier when you use the right tools, including gardening.

Step 1: Start with a tarp
Used for hauling leaves and other waste, the tarp is the workhorse of the garden. Look for a plastic laminated tarp with metal grommets and ropes for easy handling.

A hardware or garden-supply store will carry all of these tools.

Step 2: Add a Dutch fork and trowel
A Dutch fork and trowel help to turn soil and mulch weeds, which creates a layer of materials that protect the soil beneath. Look for tools made of forged metal and try them in your hands to make sure they’re a comfortable fit.

Step 3: Add cutting tools
Pruning shears keep rosebushes looking good while long-handled shears can cut small branches.

Step 4: Include digging tools
Don’t forget digging tools. Add a rake to cultivate soil and a long-handled trowel, which create holes for new plants.

Step 5: Sweeping up
For cleaning up dirt and clippings, add a push broom to your garden arsenal.

Step 6: Keeping it moist
An old-fashioned watering can is ideal for keeping flowers and small gardens moist during dry weather.

Did You Know?
The Missouri Botanical Garden in South St. Louis contains the Climatron, a geodesic dome that contains more than 1,200 species of plant life.