The lawn: for some its just a weekend chore, others however think of it as a great escape. Like it or hate it, it has to be maintained and that means buying the right lawn mower to get the job done. Which lawn mower you choose depends on the size and grass density of your lawn as well as your budget and the features you need.

Size and density: The size of your lawn determines the size of lawn mower as well as well as the type. Lawn mowers generally fall under two categories reel and rotary. If your lawn is 1,000 square feet (100 square m) or less you may want to choose a manual reel. However, if your lawn is large, consider getting a riding mower.

Grass density: You should consider the thickness of your lawn when buying a lawn mower. It will help you determine the blade and rotary type. If your grass is a soft bladed type, not Bermuda or Saint Augustine, then consider a reel mower. A plastic blade can be used for gardens where there is no risk of your mower blade being damaged by mowing a brick or large stones.

Catcher or thatcher?: If you want to catch the clippings of your lawn choose one with a rear mounting catching. If not, then consider a thatcher mower. It cuts the grass into small pieces and then blows them down into the lawn for a fertile covering.

Low maintenance: Most people want to spend more time caring for their lawn than their lawn mowers, so here are a couple low maintenance options for you to consider when buying a lawn mower.

-Rotary types are easy to operate and sharpen. They also tend to be inexpensive. -Self-propelled mowers are when the motor turns the wheel. These are good for slopes. Front-propelled types are easy to operate.

Go Green: Many people prefer gas mowers for their power; however, they pollute and are noisy. If you want a more environmentally friendly option, consider an electric mower. When buying an electric lawn mower find out if the cord length is enough for your lawn. They usually tend to be a 100 feet (30 m) in length. If you opt for a cordless model, be sure to check the battery length. You want to get through at least one mowing before it dies.

When buying a lawn mower also keep these considerations in mind. Can you maneuver it? This is important if you have to mow around trees or shrubs. Is it too heavy? Light lawn mowers are easy to maneuver and handle without comprising quality. How easy is it to start the mower? How easy is it to raise or lower the cutting height? Is there a switch to shut off the blade?

Buying the right lawn mower for your lawn is essential to maintaining a health, lush lawn.

Jeff Casmer is a lawn mower expert and the owner of Buying Lawn Mowers, a website dedicated to lawn mowers and lawn keepers.

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