Riding boots are usually made for horse riding, as we know there are a lot of people who are involved in horse riding and thus it’s very important for them to have the right kind of shoes to indulge in their hobby of horse riding. All those who love horse riding, know that having a good pair of shoes is indispensable as they provide a solid grip as well as prevent the rider’s leg from getting hurt from the pinching of the saddle leather. These are essential boots to keep the rider’s feet comfortable and avoid them from slipping from the stirrups because if the foot slips then it can get very difficult for the rider to maintain his balance which in turn can be very dangerous. Usually these boots are made with high heels so that the foot has a grip to avoid slipping. Moreover, these boots come in a lot of different styles which are meant for different purposes.

When we talk about riding boots, there are basically two types of shoes, English boots and Western boots. English boots are known for having a very high quality of soft leather. You can find these boots in different styles like tall boots and paddock boots. Tall boots are the ones which reach your knees whereas paddock boots are the ones which are a little above the ankle. These boots are available in many different styles and are very good for competitions. Most of the riders prefer the long English boots for the simple reason that they protect the legs in comparison to the short ones which do not protect the legs as well as the long ones do. For this reason they are worn by riders going for jumping, dressage and cross country riding.

There are a lot of online stores where you can choose among a host of designs and you can easily find out the best one for yourself and make your purchase. You can choose from the long boots or the short boots. Riders need to wear shoes which are optimum in terms of safety as well as comfort and riding shoes are a must for them. While the online shops will provide you with a lot of nice variety for these shoes, you can also find them in many stores in your nearby market.

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Stu’s Ride

Today Stu cut the grass. No rain today, so it was a good day to do it. We have an acre of land with a lot of trees, so a zero-point turn Toro was a perfect mower for the job. These are pretty much taking over the lawn mower market, I think the lawn tractors aren’t being bought much now. Almost everyone in my neighbourhood who has a large lawn has something like this.

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NEW Electric Riding Mower at Home Depot by Ryobi discovered!

I found a new fully electric riding mower at Home Depot and wanted to share it with you. Links to related videos are below and you should check out Fully Charged youtube channel. It is nothing short of amazing.

Assembly video, great display of how you receive the mower if you buy it unassembled. https://youtu.be/wwqtBEDpv_c

What looks to be their promotional video for the thing.. i believe its comercial grade quality mmkay https://youtu.be/wwqtBEDpv_c

Husqvarna’s automatic robotic mower, simply awesome. https://youtu.be/P4JyTL5racw

Fully charged most recent video as of the making of this video. Once again, great stuff. https://youtu.be/oL_LUAeYw9I

My Nissan Leaf Review. I bought it used for 7k. https://youtu.be/z4Btw94FHwA