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This position assists the Building Maintenance Services Supervisor with selection, training and evaluation of Building Maintenance Workers, Building Engineers…

City of Seattle
Seattle, WA

From City of Seattle 4 days ago

Dancing on the inside
Well I went down to the revival
to give my soul a chance
And the DJ spoke to God,
and the congregation danced.

Everyone was dancing
around that golden cow
I slowly shuffled forward,
feets’ don’t fail me now.

The DJ pointed upwards
to an angel on a swing.
Back and forth she went
and the choir began to sing.

Rose petals fluttered downwards
and perfume filled the air.
Thinking will imprison you.
Dancing takes you there.

The DJ points his finger
my stillness he derides.
Because it’s not apparent
I’m dancing on the inside.

By HyperBob on 2005-02-17 13:26:51