Have you ever dreamt of a cool green garden with the tinkling of a fountain or a little stream bubbling by as you enjoy your nap? Many gardeners relish having a koi pond as the centre piece of their garden. But even though we all want a beautiful water feature in our garden, those water features must be constructed and maintained with thought and research and with the right pond supplies.

To keep your koi pond and water feature well-maintained in your outdoor garden area, there are few water gardening tips you need to know.

One of the most common concerns among water garden enthusiasts is keeping their pond water clean and clear. While many things contribute to good water clarity, below are a few helpful tips.

1. When shopping for your list of pond supplies, be sure to purchase a large enough filter. Many people skimp on this area or don’t know how to calculate the size of filter they may need and get too small of a filter. When in doubt, always get a larger filter than what you may think. Getting the right size of filter is the heart of keeping your pond water clean and clear. Ideally, your pond filter should filter the total volume of water in your pond or water garden every 2 – 4 hours, depending on how many fish you have.

2. Also within your list of pond supplies, get a good beneficial bacteria product such as Microbe Lift for small ponds or PlanktoniX for large ponds and lakes. Add your pond bacteria on a regular basis as the bacteria is responsible for decomposing organic matter in your pond such as sludge, silt, fallen leaves, etc. which provides food for green water algae to grow (among other things like string algae, pond weeds, etc).

3. Lastly, within your list of water garden or pond supplies, you may consider a UV clarifier or UV sterilizer. Using either of these products for your koi pond or water garden will help keep your pond crystal clear as microscopic pond algae (which makes your water look green) and bacteria, fungus and parasites can all be killed as the pond water passes through the ultra-violet light. Installing the UV clarifier or UV sterilizer within the plumbing system of your pond should ideally be after a pre-filter and before your mechanical and biological filter (often times sold as ‘all-in-one’ units). That way, the dead algae that the UV kills will get filtered into your pond filter and not get dispersed back into your pond.

With the right pond supplies and following a few helpful tips, building a pond or water garden can be very easy. There are informative online courses that will educate you on what you need to know in building a pond including information regarding what size of pond liner to use, how to determine the size of pond pump you need, determining what size of pond filter to have, how to construct the pond to suit a variety of water garden plants and so much more. Check out PondSolutions.com as they have a lot of water gardening tips and advice for koi ponds, fish ponds, water gardens of any size, and lakes.

Find more information relating to pond supplies, and garden pond supplies here.

Image from page 272 of “Italian gardens” (1907)
Identifier: cu31924064158870
Title: Italian gardens
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Elgood, George Samuel, 1851-
Subjects: Gardens
Publisher: London, New York, Bombay & Calcutta : Longmans, Green and Co.
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and the gardens were remodelled, at a much later date, by ConteOdescalchi. The most interesting portion of the garden, at the present day, is thegreat screen-wall that terminates the garden, with the cascade seenthrough a break in it. The former is a very picturesque piece ofeighteenth-century work, and would be still more delightful if only ithad the advantage of a good foreground of flowers and box-work in place ofthe present neglected grass and shrubs. A curving stairway leads to theopening in the middle of this screen, and on either side are wide semi-circular recesses. The wall is decorated with pilasters and entablature,enclosing niches, statues, busts, and panels of stucco-work, and terminatesabove the cornice in segmental pediments and slim obelisks. The wholesurface is encrusted with a rude stone mosaic, which, especially at a littledistance, gives a very pleasing texture. Within the screen is an ovalcourt, which encloses a large peschiera or fountain, with deep niches at 154

Text Appearing After Image:
either end, and a double stair ascends from this to the foot of thecascade. From this point a grand avenue of cypresses leads upwards to a statueof Hercules placed within a grotto. Whether at any time there was acascade here, in the ordinary sense of the word, is open to question, thewater-supply being but limited. At present it is represented by a grassyslope, flanked by stone channels. These are raised upon low walls,built in a long series of steps, to suit the slope of the ground, and downthese, in a succession of cascatelle, the water flows. Near the summit,beneath the shadow of the tall trees, are placed certain stone couches,reclining upon which an enchanting prospect is enjoyed of sparklingcascade and cypress avenue, with a vista of shimmering lake and distantmountains. Some few of the villas, scattered along the shores of the lake, displaygood bits of architectural detail in their entrance-gates and water-stair-ways. Perhaps the most notable among these is the well-known Villa

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