For most organic garden cultivator, making an organic garden not only is beneficial for the environment but it is financial helpful for the cultivator. If you are planning to make an organic garden in your home you should know the basics in order for your organic plants and vegetables to survive. Are you going to cultivate vegetables or flowers or both? This will be the first thing that you should be asking yourself.

Now, for the beginners it would be best if you would concentrate in one plant. Thus, if you are going to cultivate a vegetable, focus on it 100% and as soon as your vegetables are fully grown you may perhaps start planting another category of plants like flowers. The rationale behind this is that there is a special kind of treatment that each and every type of plant will require from you.

These are the basic tools you will need when making an organic vegetable garden:

1. Rake – now, there are actually two types of rake that you can choose to use depending on your need. Bow rake is an ideal tool for preparing garden beds by removing stones, clods and the like. Straight rake, on the other hand, is ideal for smoothing the soil by its back end while its fork is used for removing leaves, weeds and figs on the ground.

2. Hand duster – This will be used to scoop out the compost fertilizer and to spread it on the ground.

3. Measuring stick – this is ideal for measuring the distance between the plant in the garden to provide adequate rows or space.

4. Long-Handled Cultivator – You will use this to refine the soil that has large clods in them.

5. Garden cart – this is also called the wheelbarrow which is use when transferring soil, plants, tools etc. from one place to another.

6. Kitchen compost bucket – If you are planning to make a compost fertilizer, this will be needed. You will place this in your kitchen sot hat all your food waste will be collected and you will not need to go to your backyard every after meal to deposit it.

Wood, steel, plastic, fiber glass or perhaps a combination of the materials are among the materials that these organic garden tools will be made of. Choosing the right tools for your garden all depends on what type of plants you are cultivating in your garden and the size of your garden.

To have an abundant and healthy harvest make sure that the organic garden seeds you are planting are well taken care of. Organic vegetable seed needs special care and attention.

Image from page 65 of “1912 Griffith and Turner Co. : farm and garden supplies” (1912)
Title: 1912 Griffith and Turner Co. : farm and garden supplies
Identifier: 1912griffithturn1912grif
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Griffith and Turner Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Agricultural implements Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs
Publisher: Baltimore, Md. : Griffith and Turner Co. , 1912
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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Weight, 600 Lbs. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE The Importance of properly spraying potatoes has caused such a keen competition among the manufacturers of potato spraying machinery that it is now reduced to the "survival of the fittest." A manufacturer who confines himself solely to the building of Potato Sprayers must certainly be in a position to erect a machine to do the best worli. Such a machine will be found in the GRITCO-H. The G-BITCO-H is sold on its merits and warranted to do the work claimed for it. The GBITCO-H Traction Sprayer is the simplest and most effective Sprayer on the market today, as it is the simplest to operate and the lightest draft Sprayer made, and is equipped with both ground and orchard attachments making two machines in one, weighing about 600 pounds. The GBITCO-H for ground use sprays 4 and 5 rows, and the operator has under control at all times the adjusting of the main spray pipe and nozzles In a body to be shifted to the right or left, and also to raise or lower in contact with the wind, and in a bracket to height of plant, and each indi- vidual nozzle is adj-istable to the spacing of any width of row, and eacli nozzle can be set at any known angle. And note this, that all the above adjustments are instantly made without the use of any tool or wrench. The operator also has by the use of a "elief valve any required amount of pressure of fluid shown by a steam gauge; the return of fluid to barrel or tank acting as an agitator, which is the best system of agitation known, as the return pipe passes to the bottom of the tank, and thereby you have a live agitation all the time. For orchard use we detach the ground hose to the main feed pipe and couple on the orchard hose, and by closing the return valve to the tank and also the outlet valve to the nozzles and throwing the machine into gear and driving from tree to tree, or a distance of 30 to 40 fett, we can store 100 to 150 pounds of fluid, and then when we open the valve to the nozzles we can spray the tree, close the same, drive to the next tree and open and spray again and repeat same. All the inner parts of the GRITCO-H, the tank, barrel, pipings and all interior parts are coated witli a solution that is a preventative to the eat- ing of the fluids and rust, which is a great help in the life of the machine; and we can by removing the suction hose from the tank or barrel, and by placing the same in a clean vessel of water, pump it through the whole machine and put a pail or two of clean water into the tank or barrel, pull the plug out in the bottom of same, and you always have a clean machine. This is a great saving to the Sprayer. We space our wheels on the axle, and the wheels are on a ratchet, so that either or both will drive. There is one great advantage the GBITCO-H has over any other Potato Sprayer of which we have any knowledge—the arrangement by which the sprayer bar can be placed at any angle when spraying on hillsides, so that the nozzles on the decline of the hill will be as close to the vines as those on the upper side. Another advantage we have is that this Sprayer will hold the pressure to that for whicii it is set, and no matter how slow or fast the team walks, the pressure will remain the same, while with most of the air coinpressed pumps the pressure is constantly varying, being controlled entirely by the speed of the team. This is owing to the fact that it is equipped with our new celebrated Gould’s Monarch Pump, which is an air compressed Sprayer. The GRITCO-H Traction Sprayer is in a class by itself, and is today the most complete outfit on the market. Our Special H. P. Rows. Gallons. Attachment. List Price. Price. 1 50 (Ground $125.00 $75.00 1 4 50 [Orchard 125.00 75.00 1 4 50 [Ground and Orchard. .. 150.00 90.00 2 5 110 [Ground . 150.00 90.00 2 5 110 lOrchard 150.00 90.00 2 5 110 (Ground and Orchard… 170.00 100.00 We are Headquarters for SPRAY PUMPS and INSECTICIDES See pag-e 66 for KIL-O-SCALE LIMB SULPHUR SOLUTION, SOLUBLE OIL, SULPHUR, both (FLOUR and FLOW- ERS), BORDEAUX MIXTURE, BOR- DEAUX-ARSENATE OF LEAD, ARSE- NATE OF LEAD, COPPER SULPHATE (OR BLUE STONE), KEROSENE EMULSION, PARIS GREEN, WHALE OIL SOAP, IRON SULPHATE and ATOMIC SULPHUR. Most of these Insecticides are well known to the Spraying’ community. We are careful to obtain these g’oods from j the most reliable manufacturing’ con- cerns in the country. Goulds Field Crop Sprayer Used in Connection ‘With Any Hand or Power Spray Pump. Figure 1322,—The best and cheapest crop spray- er on the market. Easily attached to tail-board i of a wagon, and when not in use can be folded into small space. It is made to spray four or six rows, any distance apart up to 44 inches, or cover a space 14% or 22 feet in widtli. Connection al- lows sprayer to be easily raised or lowered; spray to be thrown forward, backward, up or down.

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Figure 1444 (see cut).—Is a modi- fication of Fig. 1322, having five, six or seven drop pipes with double noz- zles on each for spraying the under sides of plant leaves. Pig’ure 1322. Complete with four "Mistry t„ >■ Nozzles and coupling for con- necting to discharge hose of any barrel or power spraver. List Price, $19.00; Our Special Price, $12.00. Same with 6 "Seneca," "Mis- try" or "Mistry Jr." Nozzles. List Price, $22.50; Our Special Price, $13.00. Pig’ure 1444. Complete with five double "Mistry Jr." Nozzles and coup- ling for hose from barrel or power sprayer. List Price, i $31.50; Our Special Price, $18.00. Same with 7 double "Mistry" or "Mistry Jr." Nozzles. List Price, $35.50; Our Special Price, $21.00. The approximate quantity of Spray Solution of any kind for Potatoes is from 30 to 40 g-allons to the acre after diluting’.

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