Ride on mowers Australia is well known for lawn care business operators not only from down under, but also in the US and even in parts of Europe. Though there are many manufacturers of both walk behind and ride on lawn mowers in the West, many people still prefer the ones made in Australia because of its strength in design and added flexibility. What’s more, Australian-made lawn mowers are generally far more cheaper in Australia and New Zealand than the ones imported from major equipment manufacturers abroad.

What makes ride on mowers Australia a cut above the rest? Well, for one, these lawn mowers have a combination of both ride on and walk behind mowers. Aside from being easy to maneuver, Australian ride on mowers can also boost productivity because as they can be used in almost all lawn contours and shapes. With the help of a dependable machine, this lawn care equipment can also be considered perfect for bumpy and inconsistent terrain. A good lawn mower is a good investment if you have a lawn care business because you want things done right, first time.

When shopping for ride on mowers Australia, the things that you should try and look for are power, features and ease of use. Features are important because when you’re dealing with such expensive equipment, you definitely want to get more for what you paid for. Other things such as a quieter motor, consistent cutting capability, comfortable seat, or simply lighter weight may be just some of the extra features that can encourage you to buy a ride on mower.

Power is also vital because this will be the one that will determine whether you would be able to climb a hilly landscape and clean lawns in a shorter period of time. If the equipment you chose does not have enough power, then it would be better if you just settle with your old walk behind mower. At least with the walk behind equipment, your strength and stamina will be the factors that will determine the power and speed needed to finish a job.

The most important quality that you ought to look for in ride on mowers Australia is maneuverability. You need to make sure that you would not have any problems pivoting, going up elevated areas, accessing small spaces, and turning around in every direction. Even if a ride on lawn mower has the most advanced features but it is not easy to maneuver and use, then it is not worth buying at all.

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By David Dean on 2005-05-07 21:16:25
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JOHN DEERE D140 Ride on Mower / Tractor

JOHN DEERE D140 Ride on Mower / Tractor

Legendary John Deere durability is also found on the 100 Series D140 mower, thanks to a solid, one-piece, 12-gauge frame. Heavy-duty crankshafts, a cast-iron front axle, and a high capacity engine filter are proof that a lot more goes into a 100 Series tractor than meets the eye.
Once you sit on a 100 Series tractor, you’ll never settle for anything less.

• Width: 1530 mm
• Height: 1170 mm,
• Length: 178 mm
• Net Weight: 223 kg
• 22 HP V-twin Cylinder Engine
• 656 cc
• Three cutting blade – Cut width 1220 mm
• Cut height 25.4 to 102 mm
• Cruise control