Tired of treading on trampled turf?

Lawns need a lot of work to keep them in tip-top condition. Watering, feeding, mowing, seeding – it can be a full-time job keeping a lawn looking lush.  Have you reached the point in your life when it’s become too much to tend the lawn?  You could always consider artificial grass as a suitable replacement. Think how easy it would be to look after artificial grass. Once you’ve had artificial grass fitted it more or less looks after itself. Do you really want to spend the summer months spending hours looking after your lawn? Haven’t you spent enough time over the years pushing the mower up and down the lawn? Take it easy this summer and enjoy artificial grass that looks just like the real thing.

Flatter to deceive

Remember the old type of artificial grass? The stuff they used to put down on sports fields years ago? New ranges of artificial grass are nothing like the old versions. Today, carefully blended weaves are created using cutting-edge grass technology. You can easily mistake modern artificial grass for the real thing such is its uncanny ability to mirror real turf. Quality ranges of artificial grass are used in residential setting, housing developments, around pool edges and even on terrace tops. Don’t think that just because you live in a penthouse apartment you can’t benefit form artificial grass outside of your dwelling.  High quality artificial grass can help you to create the garden of your dreams.

Say goodbye to the lawn mower and hello to more leisure time in the garden

Mowing the lawn isn’t too bad, it’s the tidying up afterwards that can be a pain. Plus, you’re forever on grass alert with a real lawn worrying about the bald patches that appear in the turf. This is never an issue when artificial grass is fitted. The hardest thing you’ll have to do with artificial grass is sweep garden debris off the surface. It doesn’t fade in sunlight, doesn’t grow (obviously) and looks lovely throughout the year. You’ll be doing your garden a massive favour if you have artificial grass fitted as well as reducing the time you need to spend working on the lawn. Go on, treat yourself and your garden to artificial grass, it’ll be the best home improvement you make this year.

Dac-artificial-grass.co.uk can supply a range of artificial grass for you to purchase at great prices with any quality you require available for use in many situations, from residential artificial grass to sports astroturf.

Image from page 31 of “Beckert’s garden, flower & lawn seeds” (1905)
Title: Beckert’s garden, flower & lawn seeds
Identifier: beckertsgardenfl1905wmcb
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Wm. C. Beckert (Firm); Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Commercial catalogs Seeds; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Catalogs; Fruit Seeds Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Garden tools Catalogs
Publisher: Allegheny, Pa. : Wm. C. Beckert
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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construction makes them almost indestructible, nothing being used but a steel frame covered with hydraulic cement, the mosaic biing placed in so that the cement and heavy glass mosaic are about all that is exposed, and exposure will do neither of these any harm. The numerous designs and effects that can be produced by this manner of decoration are so great that it would be useless to go into that. We think that w-hen they are seen, all who see them will be convinced that they are the best goods ever made for the purpose. The price for the regular standard size of the above boxes and jardinieres is S15 apiece, for extra lengths of boxes $2 per foot. Additional price for special designs. Round Seed Pansâ Each 9-inch So 20 12-inch 35 Pot Saucersâ Doz. So 24 36 50 65 Size 4- inch 5- inch 6- inch 7- inch Each â¢So 03 04 05 8-inch 07 Each So 10 Size 9-inch lo-inch 12-inch 14- inch 20 15- inch 35 Doz. Si 95 3 25 Doz. So 85 I 05 Wood Fiber Pot Saucers- Size 4- inch 5- inch 6- inch 7- inch Each â $o 07 Doz 09 8- inch 9- inch lo-inch 12-inch 14-inch Wood Fiber Boiler Stands. Hardwood rollers and ba Save carpets and floors. Will not soak or rust. Each I 12 in, diam. for lo-in. pot.So 55 14 in. diam. for i2-in. pot. 65 16 in. diam. for 14 in. pot. 80 Wood Fiber Vases for cut-flowers. No. o. 8 in. inside diameter ; No. I. 5’A in. inside diameter No. 2. aVz in. inside diameter in. diam. for in diam. for II I 05 12 I 15 13 I 25 14 I 50 17 I 90 -bearing casters. Each [6-in. pot . .So 90 in. pot .. I ID 22 in. diam. for 20-in. pot .. i 30 Neat and durable. Each 3 in. inside depth So 50 10 in. inside depth 40 ; 9 in. inside depth 35 No. 3. 4 in. inside diameter; 6 in. inside depth 30 No. 4. 3 in. inside diameter; 4K in. inside depth 25 No. 00. 9 in. inside diameter; 22 in. inside depth 90 No. II. 5^A in. inside diameter; 18 in. inside depth 50 No. 22. 4^2 in. inside diameter; 15 in. inside depth 40 No. 33. 4 in. inside diameter ; 12 in. inside depth 35 No. 44. 3 in. inside diameter; 9 in. inside depth 30 No. 000. 9 in inside diameter ; 29 in. inside depth i 75 Coldweirs Horse Lawn Mower This is one of the best and most perfect Horse Lawn Mowers manufactured. It is used exclusively by the Government, and on the largest public and private lawns in the country. These IMowers are furnished with shafts, seat and side-draft attachment, which keeps the horse on the cut grass onlv. Each Mower is warranted to gi> e complete satisfaction. 30-inch cut S65, 35-inch cut $78, 40-inch cut $95- COLDWELL’S PARK LAWN MOWER Invaluable when the grass is unusually heavy or tough ; sizes 14-, 16-, 18- and 20- inch. Price same as corresponding sizes of the Imperial. GEARED ROLLER MOWERS For Edging. 4 blades. 12-inch fg.so, 14-inch Sio, i6-incli Si I. For Golf Links. 6 blades. 12-inch Sg.80, 14-inch S10.15, 16-inch S11.45, 18-inch S12.30, 20-inch $14. LAWN VASES Terra-Cotta Painted White In various sizes and beautiful designs from $5 to S40. Prices and styles submitted on application.

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Imperial Lawn Mower HORSES BOOTS Used in Mowing Lawns Extra well made. Will outwear two sets of cheap boots. Per set of four, SS-So. LAWN ROLLERS Cast-Iron Hand Power. From 150 to 700 pounds in weight, costing from SB upward. One-Horse Steel. From 500 pounds up- ward. Prices and sizes of Lawn Rollers on application. GRASS CATCHERS 12-inch Si-50, 14-inch Si.60, 16-inch S1.85, 18-inch S2, 20-inch $2.15. IMPERIAL LAWN MOWERS After careful consideration, we have de- cided upon offering the ” Imperial " as our best Mower. These Mowers are used by the Government, and on the lawns of the lead- ing public grounds throughout the country. Descriptive illustrated catalogue of these Mowers, including Special Mowers for golf and large park lawns, sent on application. Prices, 12-inch, low wheel,S7 ; 14-inch, high wheel, $8; 16-inch, high wheel, $9 ; 18-inch, high wheel, $10 ; 20-inch, high wheel, Sn- APEX LAWN ROLLERS Weight, Low list No. pounds price I 150 S7 60 2 200 10 00 3 225 11 20 4 250 12 40 5 250 12 40 6 3C0 14 80 7 300 14 80 8 350 17 20 9 400 19 60 10 450 22 CO II 450 22 00 12 500 24 40 13 500 24 40 14 500 2440 15 6co 28 20 16 650 3t 60

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