Tools, all gardeners need them, but which tools to buy? What tools will I really use? A good quality tool will get much more use and will last much longer, than a tool you bought just because it was on sale.

The following is a list of Garden Tools all gardeners should have in their shed:

Wheelbarrow- A tough, lightweight wheelbarrow is a must. A 5-6 cubic foot bin that is made of plastic (I know plastic, yuck) will last 100 times longer and be much lighter than a steel bin. This will enable you to move larger, heavier items with ease.

Rakes – Rakes are essential for good gardening. A leaf rake 24″ or 30″ is standard. I like a metal rake, because it gets through wet, heavy leaves easily. A shrub rake is a great thing to have for getting in between and under bushes. It’s usually only 10″-12″ in width. A hard rake is necessary for grading and leveling soil and mulch.

Shovels- A good strong hand shovel for planting, bulbs, annuals and perennials is a must. Shovels with a cushioned grip are great on your hands and increase leverage. A round point shovel is great for digging holes and shoveling up dirt. A spade or flat edge shovel is a must for edging beds, dividing perennials, etc.

Pruning equipment- Pruning shears are one of the most important tools for all gardeners. Hacking away at a plant with dull tools can do a lot of damage. Hand pruners are great for pruning roses, small shrubs and perennials. Loppers are like hand pruners with long handles for pruning larger diameter branches, large shrubs and small branches on trees. Pruning snips are like extra heavy-duty scissors that are great for cutting flowers. A pole saw is great to have for trimming high branches on trees. It is a saw on one side and a lopper on the other. They usually have a telescopic pole and I recommend one with a lightweight fiberglass pole. This makes balancing easier.

Tank Sprayer- A good 1 or 2 gallon tank sprayer is great for spraying insect, disease and weed control. They usually have a pump pressure spray action. This will enable you to spray larger areas at a time than ready-to-use sprays. Do not use weed control in the same tank as insect and disease control. You run the risk of killing your plants if residue is left in the tank.

Good quality tools like Friskers, True Temper, Radius and Truper will perform well and last for years to come. When it comes to garden tools, quality is the only way to go. They will save you time, money and backaches in the long run.

Lawn Mower-People more now than in recent years are turning to Push Reel Mowers to keep their lawns in manicured condition. They do not require gas, nor electric and they do the job as well as any push behind mower. The technology going into the design and manufacturing of this new breed of mower is far superior than the old type our grand parents and great grand parents used. The Brill Razorcut 38, from Germany only weighs 17 lbs and the blades only need sharpening about every 8 to 10 years. It comes with an optional grass catcher. Sun Lawn makes an equally advanced push reel mower at a higher cost for it’s top model, and Scott’s has had their classic 20″ for a long time.

Choosing your Garden Tools-Always remember to choose tools that are of a higher quality and meet all safety requirements. Gardening and Landscaping can be fun and rewarding but you must always adhere to the manufacturer safety warnings. Prepare yourself with the right tool for the job and you will always enjoy the results of your labor.

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House Island Tour (2014) – demolition or “clean up”
House Island (in Casco Bay), Portland, Maine USA • Debris from the long demolished quarantine dormitory, seen during a private tour of the island and its historic structures.

House Island is a private island in Portland Harbor in Casco Bay, Maine, USA. It is part of the City of Portland. The island is only accessible by boat. Public access is prohibited, except for an on-request tour sanctioned by the island’s owners. House Island includes three buildings on the east side and Fort Scammel on the west side. The buildings are used as summer residences. The island’s name derives from the site of an early European house, believed that built by Capt. Christopher Levett, an English explorer of the region. …

Henry A. S. Dearborn built Fort Scammel on the island in 1808 as part of the national second system of fortifications. It was named after Alexander Scammell, Adjutant general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, who was killed in action during the Battle of Yorktown. The fort was designed for harbor defense, with cannon batteries designed to protect the main shipping channel into Portland harbor, along with Fort Preble. In the 1840s–1870s, as part of the national third system of fortifications, Fort Scammel was modernized. Thomas Lincoln Casey, known for his work on the Washington Monument rebuilt the fort in 1862 at the time of the American Civil War. Of all the forts in Casco Bay, Fort Scammel was the only fort to fire a shot and be fired upon in battle, in early August, 1813. …

The island was later the site of an immigration quarantine station from 1907 to 1937, and was considered the ‘Ellis Island of the North’. The quarantine station was busiest in the early 1920s, after the adoption of the Emergency Quota Act, which restricted the number of immigrants who could enter the country. In November 1923, the ships President Polk and George Washington were diverted from New York City to Portland and 218 immigrants from those ships were quarantined at the station.

The island was considered "ideal" by immigration officials. A Grand Trunk Railway station was located at the docks in Portland, allowing easy rail access for immigrants arriving in Portland. Additionally, William Husband, Commissioner General of United States Immigration, said the whole island was secure and "The whole of House Island was available in that case, instead of those detained being obliged to go out under guard with only few patches of green grass upon which they might set foot, as at some other places."

The 1920 brick detention barracks have been demolished, but the original 1907 buildings remain, including the doctor’s house, the detention barracks, and the quarantine hospital. – Source: from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

• Here’s a terrific link to FortWiki with historic plans, and other interesting details.

• On June 21, 2012, the WSJ reported the island for sale for $4.9m. Here’s a link to a short video with glimpses of the island and structures.

∆ GeoHack: 43° 39′ 10″ N, 70° 12′ 35″ W.
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