My friend Alice grew up with a passionate love for gardening and when she finally moved to Montreal in 2010, she came across quite an unfamiliar phrase known as ‘shade gardening.’ Indeed she was daunted at the very thought of not being able to grow her beloved sweet peas and roses, however slowly she learnt the significance and beauty of container garden for growing the shade loving plants. Alice began scouring the nurseries for the plants that love shade and soon she discovered a whole gamut of treasure, which she never had the opportunity to grow before.

Needless to say that within no time she ran out of space in her small greenhouse so started her container gardening. To be honest, it is a common misconception that the plant options for shade gardening are however limited and are also much less exciting than those for sun. However, it is Alice who made me believe that it is far from the truth. And following her footsteps I also started my experiment with shade gardening at my small plant house. And throughout my journey I discovered that shade can never hinder your personal style and home gardening ideas.

Yes, it is by understanding the subtle aspects of how to combine texture, color and form I have also created my lush and colorful container garden which thrive even in the shady areas. Believe it or not, just like their sunny counterparts shady small greenhouse can be of any style, which you may want. However for the traditional designs (which includes formal containers) the success to a great extent lies on the careful selection of pots and plants. For creating a sophisticated style it requires stylish color sense, your favorite shade loving plants and just few embellishments. In formal container garden, the vessel should have a strong presence and is equally important as its contents.

On the other hand, the informal designs can however range from frill and fun to rather humble ones. It goes without saying that the pot and plant choice would vary as per your look and want. For instance if you want to add an ultimate touch of wilderness to your home gardening idea then unglazed woodland inspired containers stand as your best option. On the other hand, if rustic design trend inspires you then stick to the colored ceramic containers. You can even get creative with those large wooden barrels which you might have kept aside. Of course flowers are an interesting aspect of your home garden however a small greenhouse garden should also offer the ultimate textural interest with a variety of leaf shapes and colors. Quite like their formal cousins, these informal arrangements should also contain colorful assortment of annuals, perennials and shrubs. Be it formal or informal, shade container garden can actually be a stunning highlight to any living space.

Here are few tips

*Plants with stunning foliage can also bring texture, color, drama and structure to any garden design.

*Be attentive towards the overall intensity of the design and if possible avoid the combination of too many different pastel and saturated hues. It is recommended to stick with two to maximum three agreeable colors.

*When matching the plants in the container also keep their texture and colors in mind. For example, the bold and beautiful leaves of elephant’s ear could be paired with lacy fern foliage.

Floren Neel is associated with some garden house and container garden material suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good small greenhouse, raised bed garden, roof top garden and other outdoor innovations easily.

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the bleeding heart has made an epic total recovery from the dead. week 5 of the container garden
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Container Garden Prep – Soil Planting Square Foot Gardening Patio

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