Multiple accessories can accompany your garden swing set. Which accessories you choose will ultimately affect your feelings when you sit on your swing. Cluttering a space with items just for the sake of having them rarely makes anyone feel good for long, but choosing these items carefully can enhance your enjoyment of your garden swing set.

Create an outdoor “room” by setting up a canopy and placing your frame and swing underneath it. Hang curtains or fabric along each side of the canopy. Make sure to include ties to give yourself the greatest versatility. On cool days, you can leave the curtains closed to block the breeze; on warm days, you can tie the curtains back to allow the breeze to pass through the canopy. You can also leave one side open and close another to stop the sun from shining in your eyes. Curtains can be both a visually appealing and a useful element in your outdoor space.

A fountain may consider additional planning. However, if you decide to incorporate a fountain into your design, you can enjoy its soothing effects even if it’s a small and nondescript fountain. Consider how much space you can devote to the fountain before purchasing one. In fact, overly ornate or large fountains aren’t often practical for the average back yard.

Others things you may wish to position near your garden swing set include a side table, plants, and things of personal interest. A side table can function in multiple roles. It can display planters or vases of cut flowers; it can keep drinks and snacks within easy reach but out of the path of feet and pets; it can hold other items, such as cell phones and magazines.

Plants can be pleasing accessories, too. And there’s no rule that demands that outdoor plants must be live plants. Some people just don’t grow plants very well. If you’re one of those, you can use high-quality silk flowers and foliage to create evergreen arrangements. Set planters along a side of the canopy or in a group in one corner.

Finally, consider how you can include your personal interests in this space. If you enjoy reading, place a waterproof storage box outside with a few reading materials and extra pillows. Bird watchers can set up feeders in an area next to their swings. Entertainers can include a small bar table or a fire pit instead of a side table or planters.

Consider these and other options as you choose accessories for your garden swing set. Most of the time, planning the space in advance will yield a more cohesive result. That is, your space will reflect the planning, even if you add the pieces in various stages. If you don’t plan, you run the risk of ending with a disjointed look. Whether you incorporate a canopy, curtains, a fountain, a side table, plants, or others things that address your specific interests, you can achieve a space so inviting that just looking out your window draws you to enjoy your garden swing set.

Rachelle Dawson is a freelance writer who enjoys peaceful getaways. She writes about customizing garden swing sets and other outdoor furnishings.

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