About USA Garden Care


Similar to Hotels.com, USA Garden Care is an online ecommerce site that allows homeowners, businesses, contractorsUSA Landscape Materials Office, etc. to access all their landscaping and gardening needs online 24/7, using zip code geo-targeting.


The company’s co-founder Jim Couts, brings over 20 years of leadership and management skills. Jim Couts will work alongside Sharon Couts, the company’s co-founder with over 15 years of experience, to bring the company to success.


Our main venues of advertisement includes social media, flyers, media relations, and by word-of-mouth. Direct contact with potential customers is vital for a loyal consumer base.
Our goal is to expand to 41k+ zip codes within the USA so  that everyone has online access to local, reputable landscaping businesses purchase all their landscaping needs in the convenience of their home or office. All companies are required to be licensed, bonded and insured.


Have any questions, comments or suggestions? We love to get your feedback. It helps us better serve you! Contact us at [email protected]