Herb gardening is a great hobby for people who love to garden but have limited space, or for people who love fresh herbs. It is possible to have a terrific herb garden virtually anywhere.

Anyone interested in herb gardening should start to research the various types of herbs you can grow, how much room they require, how quickly they grow, the amount of light they need and the amount of water. If you are gardening in a confined area, you will want to plan your herb garden based on herbs that have the same requirements for sunlight and water.

Many herb gardeners grow their wonderful herbs in a container or other confined area which makes it a perfect type of gardening for virtually anywhere. This is a great opportunity to keep your green thumb in practice even if you live in a large city or other area that does not provide you with enough room for a larger garden.

As you research the herbs you want to grow in your herb garden you will learn about their flavors and perhaps even their medicinal uses. Many people use herbs as homeopathic remedies and maintain an herb garden for that reason. Other herbs can keep certain insects away and others are grown simply because they look great.

How and why you choose the specific herbs for your herb garden will be completely up to you, it is a good idea to put some though and consideration into it, but even if you just chance and decide to randomly choose herbs to grow, you can have a great herb garden. You may grow only herbs in your garden or may combine the herbs with other small plants, every decision is up to you as you plan you’re her garden.

You will want to invest in the right tools for herb gardening. Large shovels and other gardening tools will not work well for a small garden like an herb garden. Herb gardening requires more delicate tools and many companies make gardening equipment specifically for herb gardening.

Whether you are growing rosemary and thyme, or basil and parsley or any combination of herbs, make sure you have the soil ready for the herbs and that you read about what they need to grow and when is the best time to plant your herbs. You may also want to start to learn how to store herbs, dry herbs and freeze herbs so you can enjoy all the benefits of herb gardening.

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Herb garden
By Yannick Carer on 2007-05-20 18:21:38
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Herb Garden Tour + DIY Garden Starting Ideas

Hey! I’ve had a bunch of requests to share what we do with our garden, so I wanted to share. =) As far as the DIY’s, I will keep you updated on how they go.. =) Transplanting is the easiest way to go, but if you nail seed starting, it can be a great way to start a garden also. =)

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