The sight of a beautiful green lawn is so refreshing, it is something pleasant to behold. However, we often come across potentially beautiful lawns ruined by poor mowing maintenance. People rarely think about the importance of buying a good lawn mower, often the function is taken for granted; they are just tools to be remembered when the lawn is getting overgrown. However, lawn mowers are essential gardening tools that require proper attention and maintenance. Choosing good Lawn mower is equally very important for a great mowing experience and maintenance.

There are different types of mowers designed differently to suit particular purposes. The sizes are also different; smaller mowers, they are pushed manually and are best suited for residential lawns; larger ones that are self-contained and are ridden, these are best suited for larger lawns. There are also bigger robot controlled mowers that are suited for bigger extensive lawn yards like the golf fields. With the changing faces of technology, so are the lawn mowers evolving, from the traditional hand ridden mowers to automated electric mowers and currently robotic lawn mowers coming in different types and variations especially in the price. There are two basic types of lawn mower machines; riding mowers and push mowers.

These two types still vary in the way they cut the lawn; they vary in design, in size and in engineering. The Push mowers can either be electric powered or gas powered. However, there still exist reel style mowers. Electric lawn mowers are popular among most people because they use electricity energy to run, however when it comes to increased power performance, gas operated lawn mowers are preferred. Many people find Gas operated lawn mowers maintenance messy and very inconvenient especially when fuelling. Irrespective of these power sources, push lawn mowers have other different self-propelled features that we ought to pay attention to: mulching, they mulch the grass and throw them back onto the lawn. Bagging on the contrary collects the grass clippings in an attached container.

Large scale fields, often require the use of riding lawn mowers. The riding lawn mowers are popularly known as lawn tractors. They have different features available for the consumers to choose from, some are designed with a hitch to pull a cart behind for additional lawn functions besides mowing while others are designed purely for mowing with no attachments. There are those riding lawn mowers that are designed for use while sitting while others to be used while standing. The sitting designs are mainly reserved for large scale mowing and are mostly for professional use, they are used in big yards.

Choosing a perfect lawn mower depends vastly on the size and type of lawn you want to use it on. It also greatly depends on the approach you plan to use on its maintenance, the price variations also could bring in challenges. Therefore, the best practice to finding a good lawn mower is to shop either physically in home improvement stores or to shop online, compare the different features, makes and prices.

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Image from page 12 of “Manual of everything for the garden : 1894” (1894)
Identifier: manualofeverythi18pete_0
Title: Manual of everything for the garden : 1894
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: Peter Henderson & Co Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seed industry and trade Catalogs Seeds Catalogs Flowers Seeds Catalogs Plants, Ornamental Catalogs Vegetables Seeds Catalogs
Publisher: New York : Peter Henderson & Co.
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:ivjts. .<?►- Compared with Roots—Live Stock of the Farm—Cows for the Dairy—Feed andCare for Milk and Butter—Young Cattle and their Care—Management of the Dairy—Farm Horses—Sheep—Swine—Farm Buildings—Fences—Rearing and KeepingPoultry—Pests of the Farm and their Remedies—Farm Machinery—Plows—Har-rows, Cultivators—Mowers and Reapers—Haying Machinery—Fodder Cutters-Carts—Farm Culture of Vegetables and Fruits—Cabbage—Celery—Sweet Corn-Cucumbers for Pickles—Melons as a Market Crop—Onions—Culture of Small Fruits. 4QO PAGES, PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED. PRICE, POST-PAID, $2.SO.

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By PETER HENDERSON. Propagation of Plants by Cuttings, Layers, Divisions andSeed—Rose Growing in Winter—Greenhouse Structures andHeating — Formation and Renovation of Lawns — OnionGrowing for Market—How to Grow Cauliflower for Market—Growing and Preserv-ing Celery—Strawberry Culture—Root Crops for Farm Stock—Culture of Alfalfaand Lucerne—Manures and their Application—The Use of the Feet in Seed Sowingand Planting—Draining, etc., etc. 244 Pages, Illustrated. Price, post-paid, $1.00.

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