A popular combination for a garden is to plant vegetables alongside herbs. Most gardeners do this because a vegetable and herb garden makes a lot of sense in the culinary realm. So gardeners who also love to cook will probably want to plant their own vegetables alongside their herbs. Less popular, but definitely more beautiful is a flower and herb garden. Herbs can help flowers grow strong and beautiful, apart from the fact that many herbs have beautiful flowers too. Now flower lovers can combine their passion and herb plants to create a unique, edible, and beautiful garden.

A flower and herb garden will require some kind of design, theme, or idea behind the the style of the garden. The gardener will have to do research on the height and width of both the herb and flower plants in order to assess where to put each plant or how to situate them around the garden. The subject of companion planting for a garden combination of flowers and herbs should also be looked into so that all plants grow to their full and beautiful potential.

Start by choosing your favorite flowers, roses are always a popular choice, and so are the different types of hibiscus and carnations. These classic flowers will go really well with the larger herb flowers, and you can pair other more dainty flowers with herb plants that will produce dainty flowers as well. Check online for what the flowers of each plant is supposed to look like, and you can plan your flower and herb garden combinations accordingly.

Herb plants in your flower and herb garden should ideally flower. If you wish to plant an herb whose flowers are not very colorful or beautiful, the choice is yours. Some popular herbs have very unassuming flowers, and though these herbs are almost constantly used for cooking and other things, if your goal is to have a flower and herb garden you should probably scratch them off your list. Some good choices for flowering herbs are oregano, lavender, and jasmine which also all make very good teas. Oregano leaves are also often used for cooking.

Other choices include lavender hyssop, anise hyssop, borage, bergamot, clove pinks, and calendula. All these herb plants have beautiful and colorful flowers, most of which are edible while others can be used for home treatments. If you’re daring enough, you may even start a flower and herb garden that is only made up of beautifully flowering herbs!

No matter which you choose to do, a flower and herb garden can be a truly unique and absolutely beautiful garden for everyone to enjoy. To look out into your garden and see dozens of colors that you can walk through, use as decoration, or use for cooking and remedies will be all the reward you will need!

Want to know more about other plant combinations? If you need to find good companion plants to your herbs or vice versa, then the knowledge you seek is now at your fingertips! Read all about plant combinations at Companion Planting In Your Herb Garden, and learn all the things you can plant alongside your herbs today!

Orillia Ontario ~ Leacock Museum ~ Flower Gardens ~ Red Tuliip
Success of his Elements of Political Science and his first satirical books Literary Lapses, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town and Arcadian Adventures of the Idle Rich allowed him to move from his family’s summer house at Sibbald Point, Lake Simcoe and over time develop his own lakeside retreat at Old Brewery Bay, where Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching join.

Here in 1928 he built Leacock House (above) designed by Wright & Noxon, Toronto. The scale and ambience of the plans reflected Leacock’s success and prestige as a world renowned.
LEACOCK MUSEUM NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE – For over fifty years the Leacock Museum has been welcoming visitors to the Old Brewery Bay on the shores of Lake Couchiching. This stately, 19-room summer home represents Stephen Leacock’s lifetime love affair with Orillia, a town he immortalized as the mythical Mariposa in his quintessential best-seller Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. Included in the nearly 10- acre site are Leacock House, the Boathouse, Leacock Cafe and the museum archives and administration building. The museum grounds feature gardens and trails ideal for a stroll, especially in their summer fullness or during fall colours. Open year round and available for rentals, meetings and special events. – See more at: www.ontarioslakecountry.com/listing/leacock-museum-histor…
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